Building the Covid-19 dashboard and trusted data lake – IBM Developer

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Building the Covid-19 dashboard and trusted data lake

In March 2020, as COVID-19 exploded across the United States, a self-assembled team of IBM Data, AI, and Cloud developers self-assembled and built a scalable data lake of trusted COVID-19 incident data with granularity down to a U.S. county level. In just one week they went from an empty Slack channel to a deployed solution available to 300 million users. This task was especially challenging because the data was fragmented across various state web sites, and often buried in PDF documents and PNG images for which we needed to use our Watson Natural Language Processing to accurately parse.

This is a story of climbing the AI ladder in a hyper-accelerated manner, and is an excellent story of business and technical agility, and breaking down organizational silos to achieve great user outcomes.