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Learn how to make your IT systems always-on

Conference schedule

Day 1: September 15, 2020

  • Day 1 welcome by IBM Academy of Technology President

    Richard Hopkins

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  • This presentation describes key architectural patterns available to implement reliability into a software component or service. With the skill and experience in these techniques, the engineering professional can have a meaningful conversation with product owners on implementing reliability targets for a given service.

    Ingo Averdunk

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  • In this session, we'll discuss the output of the AoT OpenShift Design - Resiliency Squad and its recommendations We'll go through the following points: - Is DR still a valid option for OpenShift, in the traditional sense? - What to do and not to do regarding Openshift high availability - Discuss workloads, including the Active/Active and Active/Passive discussion from a workload perspective - How to backup the Openshift elements - How to backup workloads and data

    Haytham ElNahasHaytham Elkhoja

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  • Driven by recent advancements in the emergence of data processing, acquisition (IoT) and analysis technologies, the era of data-driven products has arrived and traditional enterprise IT landscapes have been reshaped. Data is generated throughout the product development process in a virtual environment (computer-aided engineering, PLM) and continues whenever a product is used in the physical world. Despite this continuous generation of data, there is no exchange of information between virtual and physical systems. Both are considered in isolation from each other and as a result of this, there is no stateful representation of a product. Therefore, this work introduces Digital Twin Operations (DTOps), a perpetually evolving concept which places an emphasis on the interlocking of virtual and physical systems to achieve a complete virtual mapping of a physical object using continuous and pervasive real-time data exchange combined with the capability of cloud and edge computing.

    Benjamin Walterscheid

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    **Resiliency and Business Update Panel Discussion**

    Andrea to give a perspective on Business and Operational Resiliency – especially in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and she will host a panel to discuss the market/client view of Business and Operational Resiliency, as well as the current state of accelerated cyber security attacks given the vulnerabilities caused by COVID-19. She will also give a view of what the IBM company is doing for Business Continuity Management (BCM) and how we are keeping our employees and clients safe in this highly volatile environment. Her guests on the panel will be:

    Allen Downs, VP, Global Sales, Business Resiliency Services

    BJ Klingenberg, CTO, Business Resiliency Services

    Allen DownsAndrea SaylesBJ Klingenberg

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  • In this session, I will describe how IBM Multicloud Manager can be used to achieve resilience for an application. I will start with a simple application, deploying manually in multiple clusters. Then, I will present the challenge to have application consistency and a solution on how to achieve it using MCM capabilities. The audience will learn how to use MCM concepts to have a consistent and resilient application.

    Eduardo PatrocinioJohn Webb

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    PREVAIL2020 brings to you an amazing panel discussion featuring a number of industry experts from IBV and Industry Academy who speak about how businesses and industries are changing during pandemic and what will take precedence post pandemic. Our panellists are coming from Consumer and Travel & Transportation industries. Do not miss on this spectacular opportunity to hear from our experts.

    Chad Andrews (moderator)J Gregory Land (GREG)Jane CheungLauren IsbellNikiforos ChatzopoulosSashank Rao Yaragudipati

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  • Open Source Project Velero has picked up pace with its integration into VMware's Tanzu Mission Critical portfolio. This session provides an optioned view of Velero, covering the state of the project, its applicability to protecting Stateful applications, its limitations and strengths as being a Kubernetes aware backup and restore service. This will be followed by a hands-on walkthrough of protecting an Operator managed stateful application running on Kubernetes cluster using Velero. This will give an experiential demonstration of Velero in the context of a real world enterprise application. The participants will walk away with an understanding of Velero; what it is, when to use it and how to use it.

    Jyoti ChawlaSandeep Mangalath

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Day 2: September 16, 2020

  • SRE is a term now used widely across our industry. But what does it mean and how can you do it? Ever wanted to know how to achieve high availability, but fast and frequent deployment to production. How can you enable Development squads to deploy to production as often as they want without risking outages? Learn how AIOps and Chatbots can help save you time and effort in a highly availably production system. This session will cover all these topics and more.

    Ralph Bateman

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  • Rethinking Enterprise Backup and DR for the Cloud

    Karpagam Venkatraman

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  • Andrew P Roden will discuss Red Hat Openshift and the potential paradigm changes that it offers regarding availability, disaster recovery, and performance engineering.

    Andrew P Roden

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  • Day 2 welcome by IBM Academy of Technology President

    Richard Hopkins

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  • Hybrid Cloud brings not only new technology, but also a new culture to traditional IT. This culture change is most famous for its embrace of techniques like Design Thinking, Agile development, and pair programming. This presentation discusses how Hybrid Cloud technology and culture reaches into the space of performance and scalability. We’ll discuss considerations and lessons from real-world experiences to engage the scalability and power of the Hybrid Cloud. The presentation will also cover how one team, the IBM Garage, is working to incorporate operational success factors like Scalability and Security into the very fabric of the new development culture.

    Stacy Joines

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  • How does security affect resilience? For example, are your cloud security measures implemented in a way that can respond to changing demand quickly, and do your security measures make your environment more resistant to disruption from different types of attacks? In this session, we'll discuss the essentials of cloud security -- such as threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and preventive and detective controls, and how different security measures can both positively and negatively impact resilience.

    Chris Dotson

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    PREVAIL2020 brings to you an amazing panel discussion featuring a number of industry experts from IBV and Industry Academy who speak about how businesses and industries are changing during pandemic and what will take precedence post pandemic. Our panellists are coming from Banking & Financial Markets and Health & Life Sciences industries. Do not miss on this spectacular opportunity to hear from our experts.

    Anil JainDhiraj KunwarHeather Fraser (moderator)Jianying HuPaolo Sironi

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  • Redhat Openshift is a platform that is rich with features and capabilities, most of these are not activated by default when the platform is first installed, it’s the role of the admins/operators of the platform to have a strongly enforced boundaries and rules in place to prevent inappropriate use of the platform. Here we highlight a number of these features like, quotas, network policies, naming conventions and pod priority.

    Amine AnoujaEduardo PatrocinioHaytham ElNahas

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  • Michael will present a brief summary of hybrid & multi cloud approaches and explain the rationale of a multi cloud architecture. Then Michael, will discuss a few multi cloud architectures and follow up with a use case. Michael will continue with application resiliency in a multi cloud environment and finally, conclude with the containers hosted on multi cloud environments.

    Michael Mitchell

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Day 3: September 17, 2020

  • Is cloud availability something new? Don't the usual rules for availability design apply? Well, yes and no. The usual rules do apply, but the content is different. And interestingly, that means what is likely to fail changes quite a bit.

    David Coleman

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  • Day 3 welcome by IBM Academy of Technology President

    Richard Hopkins

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  • Double Trouble: how Operations Risk Insights mitigates the pandemic and global cyclone threats for IBMers and Non-profit Disaster Relief Agencies

    Chet KarwatowskiRahul NaharThomas Ward

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  • We will discuss and show how we can guarantee strong data integrity and consistency by relying on Event-driven Architectures and new Cloud-native patterns. I present architectural methods and principles that were recently delivered in a large financial institution in Europe during their journey to an Always On / Multi-Active architecture. In a microservices and Cloud-native world, where applications must be de-coupled from the underneath platform and hardware, architects and developers have to re-think how to achieve transactional consistency by modernizing applications to new patterns such as Saga, Outbox, Event Sourcing and relying on an Always On/Always Consistent Kafka Event Stream platform.

    Haytham Elkhoja

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  • I present architectural methods, patterns and practices that are to be followed by developers, SREs and software architects when building and maintaining cloud-native applications and services that need to provide the highest levels of availability. The methods describe how to provide *true* five nines (99.999%) for end to end business services by incorporating Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), DevOps, Microservices, Chaos Engineering, Cloud-native Architectures, Application Modernization, Multi-Availability Regions, Geo-dispersity, Data Consistency, Performance and Scalability, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), and Software-defined Environments (SDE).

    Haytham Elkhoja

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  • AI is disrupting system performance. In this session CTO and IBM Fellow Sam Lightstone will highlight some of the emerging AI technologies that are creating knew opportunities for performance engineering. From Machine Learning to Deep Learning to Neuromorphic computing, learn how performance engineering is entering a new era beyond the fundamentals of throughput and latency of compute, storage and network. Profound changes are occurring as every layer of the stack is increasingly infused with AI.

    Sam Lightstone

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  • Recent advancements in Cloud computing, which makes compute available for rent, Natural Language Processing via pre-trained language models such as Bi-directional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) for language understanding, and Machine Learning via interpretable machine learning models are all making it possible to infuse AI into traditional business processes by tapping into semi-structured and unstructured data that was not effectively tapped into before. In this talk, I will discuss the opportunity to infuse AI into IT operations management. I will demonstrate how AI enables us to mine application and infrastructure logs, tickets, and IT Operations managers’ collaboration chat conversations in addition to metrics that are traditionally analyzed to better diagnose, repair and resolve problems. In addition, I’ll discuss how we can proactively avoid issues from happening by improving the quality of the software development lifecycle artifacts via feed-forward and feedback loops.

    Rama Akkiraju

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  • The Db2 High Availability Feature which enables integration between Db2 server and Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (a.k.a. TSA) has been the best practice for automated failover to HADR standby in the past 10+ years. It is popular, well-adopted and continues to attract many mission critical deployments world-wide. To align with the overall IBM cloud strategy while at the same time, address recent surge of requests to deploy this solution in non-containerized cloud environment and to resolve existing limitation in TSA, Pacemaker has been anointed the new 'cluster manager of choice' going forward, with goals to enhance existing integration, further lower total cost of ownership and provide superior service than its predecessor...

    Alan Lee

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  • In this presentation we will detail several DB2 resiliency patterns that customers have deployed. We will review the customer’s requirements, discuss alternatives and detail the final architectural chosen outlining both the pros and cons. Monitoring is key to success in building a resilient environment this we will detail what needs to be monitored.

    Dale McInnis

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  • So you think that if you containerize your application and run in a Kubernetes environment, it will provide the resilience is expect. You are wrong... This session will present the steps required to take a simple Kubernetes application and redesign it to be more resilient to disruptions.

    Eduardo Patrocinio

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Meet the speakers

  • Alan Lee

    Senior Technical Development Manager, Db2 pureScale & HA Architect (IBM)

  • Allen Downs

    Vice President, Global Sales, Business Resiliency Services (IBM)

  • Amine Anouja

    Cloud Architect, IBM Garage Solution Engineering

  • Andrea Sayles

    General Manager, Business Resiliency Services (IBM)

  • Andrew P Roden

    Senior Chief Solutions Architect (IBM); Co-Lead IBM Academy of Technology STEM 2020 TC; WW Performance and Availability Community of Practice - Leadership Team

  • Anil Jain

    MD, FACP; VP & Chief Health Information Officer (IBM)

  • BJ Klingenberg

    IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO – Client Resiliency Technology Enablement, IBM GTS

  • Benjamin Walterscheid

    Application Architect (IBM)

  • Chad Andrews (moderator)

    Global Leader for Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment (TME) within the IBM's Institute for Business Value (IBV)

  • Chet Karwatowski

    IBM CIO Digital Change Lead for Buy@IBM, STSM and AoT Blockchain TC Leadership team

  • Chris Dotson

    Distinguished Engineer, CTO IBM Public Cloud Security IBM Cloud

  • Dale McInnis

    Certified Executive Technical Sales Specialist Level 3 (IBM)

  • David Coleman

    Chief Architect Intelligent Infrastructure (IBM)

  • Dhiraj Kunwar

    Managing Director Business Banking, RAKBANK in UAE

  • Eduardo Patrocinio

    Chief Technology Strategist, IBM Garage for Cloud, Distinguished Engineer

  • Haytham ElNahas

    Cloud Architect, IBM Garage Solution Engineering

  • Haytham Elkhoja

    Chief Architect & Global Technical Leader – Always On – IS Offerings & Office of the CTO – IBM Services (IBM)

  • Heather Fraser (moderator)

    Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value. IBM Industry Academy Member

  • Ingo Averdunk

    Distinguished Engineer in Service Management and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) (IBM)

  • J Gregory Land (GREG)

    Global Industry Leader – Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Related Services Executive Director, Travel & Transportation Global Team

  • Jane Cheung

    Global Research Leader for the Consumer Industry, IBM Institute for Business Value. (IBM)

  • Jianying Hu

    BM Fellow, Global Science Leader of AI for Healthcare, and Director of Center for Computational at IBM Research

  • John Webb

    Multicloud Lead, IBM Garage Solution Engineering

  • Jyoti Chawla

    CTO, Advisory Board Member, passionate about Cloud enabled Business Transformation (IBM)

  • Karpagam Venkatraman

    CTO and distinguished engineer, IBM Business Resiliency Services

  • Lauren Isbell

    Integrated Transformation Business Development Executive (IBM)

  • Michael Mitchell

    Expert IT Architect (IBM)

  • Nikiforos Chatzopoulos

    Associate Partner Global Travel & Transportation & Client Executive Etihad Aviation Group (IBM)

  • Paolo Sironi

    Global Research Leader, Banking and Finance | IBM Institute for Business Value | IBM Industry Academy

  • Rahul Nahar


  • Ralph Bateman

    Distinguished Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering, IBM Cloud

  • Rama Akkiraju

    IBM Fellow, CTO - AI for IT Operations. Master Inventor, IBM Academy Member

  • Richard Hopkins

    IBM Distinguished Engineer, Executive IT Architect

  • Sam Lightstone

    CTO for AI Strategy & IBM Fellow, IBM Data and AI

  • Sandeep Mangalath

    Infrastructure Architect, Developer (IBM)

  • Sashank Rao Yaragudipati

    Industry Leader for Retail in the IBM India Client Innovation Centre

  • Stacy Joines

    IBM Fellow, IBM Garage and Solution Engineering (IBM)

  • Thomas Ward

    IBM CDO AI Project Leader, STSM, CSCMP and AoT ALT Member

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