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Kubernetes resilience is not enough: the journey to make a simple application resilient


So you think that if you containerize your application and run in a Kubernetes environment, it will provide the resilience is expect. You are wrong…

This session will present the steps required to take a simple Kubernetes application and redesign it to be more resilient to disruptions.

We will talk about

  • how to loosely couple the components
  • the need to understand how open-source components work; and
  • how to choose components that will provide the required resilience

The audience will learn many insights on how to make applications resilient.

Speaker Bio

BIO Eduardo Patrocinio is the Chief Technology Strategist, IBM Garage for Cloud, and a Distinguished Engineer. He leads a team of consultants focused on delivering business outcomes and to enable clients on IBM Public Cloud technologies. Eduardo also focuses on Cloud Resilience, particularly related to containers and Kubernetes, where he has 4 years of experience delivering container-based client solutions. He also leads the Architecture discipline at IBM Cloud and the IBM Cloud Architecture Center.