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Principles of data integrity and transaction consistency in a multi-active cloud architecture


We will discuss and show how we can guarantee strong data integrity and consistency by relying on Event-driven Architectures and new Cloud-native patterns.

I present architectural methods and principles that were recently delivered in a large financial institution in Europe during their journey to an Always On / Multi-Active architecture.

In a microservices and Cloud-native world, where applications must be de-coupled from the underneath platform and hardware, architects and developers have to re-think how to achieve transactional consistency by modernizing applications to new patterns such as Saga, Outbox, Event Sourcing and relying on an Always On/Always Consistent Kafka Event Stream platform.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Hytham Elkhoja – As the technical leader of the Always On practice at IBM, Haytham works with large customers to re-architect mission-critical applications to resilient cloud-native architectures with the aim of achieving the highest levels of service availability, resiliency, and reliability by incorporating continuous availability, site reliability engineering, chaos engineering, cloud platforms and infrastructure automation.