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Rethinking Enterprise Backup and DR for the Cloud


In the light of adoption of digital business and a shift towards cloud based solutions and services, huge investments are being made by many organizations towards cutting-edge technologies in order to keep up their competitors and improve business operations. As the data and infrastructure move out of organizational and geo boundaries, complexity increases, attack vector increases and compliance, governance pressure increases too.

With the advent of cloud native applications with containers, continuous integration and multi availability zones, there is a thought process, that there is no need for Backup and DR. Most Cloud Service Providers (CSP) offer SLAs, security, and features sufficient to satisfy enterprise business uptime requirements.

This session sets out to identify and address the still lingering business uptime requirements are at risk and requires rethinking of Backup and DR of applications in the hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Backup efficiency has highly evolved leading to a series of multiple point-in-time copies and quick restore from incremental snapshot. Distributed cloud workloads tend to have data spanning multiple VMs with few dozen or more variations of network and storage configurations. For protection against cyber threats, enterprises require integrated capability to identify intrusion, quarantine servers & data, recover from immutable validated good point-in-time copy of data.

In the native cloud environment, virtualization, cloud automation and container based modernization has greatly simplified server and infrastructure recovery. Yet, for persistent data, technological limitations to provide data recovery across geographic regions continue and solutions to address complexity of data access, efficiency, consistency and recovery SLAs are in evolutionary stage.

This session details the enterprise need for rethinking the availability & continuity. To address these challenges in this digitized and cloud era, this session discusses solution required for handling spectrum of applications spanning partial to fully modernized, across on premise and cross cloud distributed services.

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