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DB2’s new integrated cluster manager providing High Availability


The Db2 High Availability Feature which enables integration between Db2 server and Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (a.k.a. TSA) has been the best practice for automated failover to HADR standby in the past 10+ years. It is popular, well-adopted and continues to attract many mission critical deployments world-wide. To align with the overall IBM cloud strategy while at the same time, address recent surge of requests to deploy this solution in non-containerized cloud environment and to resolve existing limitation in TSA, Pacemaker has been anointed the new “cluster manager of choice” going forward, with goals to enhance existing integration, further lower total cost of ownership and provide superior service than its predecessor. A bottom-up approach will be used in this session to introduce the new cluster manager infrastructure, follow by the setup, configuration, integration with Db2, upgrade procedure, operational differences, failure behaviors, troubleshooting / problem determination, and last but not least, a sneak peak into the future roadmap.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Alan Lee joined IBM in 1999 and spent his first two years as the UNIX development infrastructure team lead focusing on improving overall development efficiency. He has been with the Db2 kernel development team since 2001. His early contributions included delivering a generic cross-platforms Db2 independent operating system library targeting initially for Db2 Administration Server, which was later adopted and deployed with other IBM software products. In his role as the Db2 I/O owner, he has interlocked with various file system and operating system vendors exploiting new file system features to improve Db2 I/O performance. He later joined the pureScale team and has led the research and development of numerous features such as multiple adapter & multiple switch support in V9.8.4, pureScale on RDMA over Converged Ethernet in V10.1, fully redundancy in Geographical dispersed pureScale Cluster in V11.1, simplified configuration and management for pureScale storage redundancy in V11.1 that improved Db2 pureScale high availability and expanded its offering portfolio. He is an active technical advocate for Db2 pureScale leading engagements onsite for prominent health care and financial service customers who were transitioning to Db2 pureScale. In addition to his involvement with pureScale, he is also involved in hybrid cloud development where he architected and delivered the base infrastructure for data transfer between Db2 and object storage vendors such as Amazon AWS and SoftLayer. Development roles aside, he was the Db2 LUW Client Success lead managing the support organization in all geos, significantly improved its support Net Promoter Score (NPS) by double digit within a year. Currently, he is the product owner of Db2 pureScale & high availability, driving pragmatic consumability, feature enhancements and quality improvements.