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Threat modelling Process in Software Development


Threat modelling is not a new process to industry. But as other processes this also needs reminder and revisit by many of us. With Agile becoming an integral part process of software development the focus has shifted to continuous delivery. Threat modelling process helps to pause and look into corner cases of the product. Asset identification, trust level of users and overall communication in and out of product is the need of the hour. Threat model comes as a rescue to identify the vulnerabilities of product. It helps to seed security thoughts during the design of product. Doing product vulnerability analysis in such early stage of development helps us achieve security in design. The proposed session will share sample threat models from legacy software and cloud application. How in different product type we need to think about how to create threat model and keep it up-to-date for future releases.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Leading a team of security analysts with responsibility to collaborate with Systems Management, Operating System and Firmware Architects and developers to bring a culture of Security by Design and ensure that the product deliverables meet the security standard of IBM and clients.