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Cloud Security


Learning Objectives: Understand the best practices in Cloud Security (case studies specific to Industrial Sector):

  1. Outline security responsibilities of host company : Patch Management, Access Management
  2. Data Classification and ascertaining security policies for critical data • Identify business critical data, example Production Data, Access to Equipment • Allocate resources as top priority for business-critical data
  3. Standardized process for code certification, supplier certification etc.
  4. Data Encryption • Data in Cloud Encryption e.g. real time production data, real time drilling data, design data for field operations • Data at Rest Encryption e.g. seismic data
  5. Mandatory Multi-Factor Authentication (preferably with means other than Text Messages): Should be applied to all Edge devices in the field, Real time drilling center access as well as all devices being accessed remotely
  6. Digital Signatures for System to System connectivity e.g. drilling systems accessing exploration data
  7. PKI Security to set up roles, responsibilities, procedures and policies to create, store, manage and revoke digital certificates for access to cloud

Expected Outcomes: Practitioners should be able to apply cloud security methods to mitigate cyber risks, in a practicable manner. We will also discuss a Point of View on Zero Trust Network Architecture.

Session Type: Learning module Delivery Method: Lecture, Case Study Tags: #Security #CloudSecurity #HybridCloud

Speaker Bio

BIO – Rima Bose is a cybersecurity consultant at IBM. She has been in the IT industry for more than a decade, as a developer, business analyst and project manager. In her current role, she is a part of the Consulting and Systems Integration practice at IBM, where she advises clients on their security strategy and roadmap.