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Methods and Techniques for Securing Enterprise Applications deployed on IBM Cloud Paks


Enterprises can seamlessly move their applications between multiple clouds using IBM Cloud Paks. As these applications may have separate security profiles and needs based on where they are deployed, it is essential to understand how security is handled in IBM Cloud Paks. This session will discuss security mechanisms supported by IBM Cloud Paks to harden cloud platforms and applications like network security, Identity and access management, application security, end point security etc., This session also discusses how to characterize security performance and how to reduce the overhead balancing both security and performance needs of applications

Speaker Bio

BIO – Surya Duggirala is IBM Cloud Engineering Guild Leader responsible for architecture optimization across Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud. He directs a globally distributed engineering team responsible for implementation of IBM Cloud Platform and services. He is also a global partner executive for banking and insurance industry advising c-suite executives on digital transformation. He is a frequent speaker, leader and active contributor of various open cloud technologies like Istio, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry.

BIO – Yanni Zhang is an IBM senior software engineer and is currently the security development lead in Cloud Pak Foundation, responsible for IAM architecture, design, and development. She has over a decade experience in identity and access management, data security, audit and compliance.