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Making a secure transition to IBM public cloud


Distributed Software Commerce (DSWC) is the foundation of one of the largest and most essential Quote-to-Cash systems in IBM. As a “Business Critical/Financially Significant” system, DSWC’s portfolio drives over $14B in billed revenue annually, with billings exceeding $25M/hr during peak periods. From last year, DSWC started a journey to modernize all 60 applications and 79 services/interfaces, and moved them to IBM public cloud. This talk will share experience and practices about how we protect the whole DSWC portfolio on IBM public cloud from different aspects: Architecture Design, Application, Container, Data(SQL and noSQL databases), Operation(DevSecOps), Cloud platform, Network etc. After this presentation the audience will learn how to build a cybersecurity model on public cloud and get some real, on-the-ground experiences/practices. These experiences will defintely benefit other IBM portfolios as well as our clients.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Gillian Yu has been in the IT industry for more than 13 years, as a developer and application architect. In her current role, she leads a team to transform a financially significant application to microservice architecture, and moved to IBM public cloud. She has rich experience on application modernization, security design, Agile, DevOps methodologies etc.