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DevSecOps – Approaching devops through the lens of security


Discussion on DevSecOps, what it means and some of the best practices in the modern Cloud Native world.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Ahmed Abdelaziz – I specialize in working with IBM clients to find intuitive solutions to their business problems hindering their ability to efficiently manage and deliver applications with the desired speed and quality by leveraging modern cloud technologies and articulating the right adoption strategy that fits their needs. I provide thought leadership for DevOps solutions and its derivatives across multiple technologies from frontend to backend. Additionally, I partner with many folks through number of channels starting from helping the sales team to qualify and close a deal all the way down to provide technical architectural leadership to salvage a complex troubled account, and in-between.

BIO – Andrea Crawford – I specialize in helping my clients employ modern delivery techniques on modern platforms, delivered by modern teams. This results in increasing velocity and quality of software delivery through adoption of Agile, DevOps, Lean Startup, and Enterprise Design Thinking delivery practices, tools, and cultural behaviors to accelerate business value. I provide thought leadership in DevOps and other derivatives such as AppOps, DevSecOps, GitOps, MLOps, among others.

BIO – Hemankita Perabathini – I am a passionate technologist who loves to assist my clients in designing their cloud roadmaps by developing cloud-native solutions. I successfully developed and deployed applications based on the microservice architecture that can fully utilize public and private cloud technologies. Right now, I am working towards, adopting and contributing to new processes and tools in the cloud-native space

BIO – Hollis Chui – My focus is to assist clients with their journey to the Cloud with a strong focus on DevOps practices to help accelerate business value. This involves adopting and modernizing the practices, tools and cultural within an organization. I also spend time creating and publishing re-usable assets on modern DevOps tools.