SAFe, SRE and Resilience


SAFe, (Scaling Agile Framework, is a broadly used approach in the market, especially with our Clients. SAFe in itself is very good. DevOps is one of the foundational elements so the method supports the shift left move as well as the continuous need for quality and avoidance of technical debt. However emphasis is on business functionality and less on resilience and operational matters. This implies that some creativity is needed to ensure that infrastructure management and operations are covered as well.

Lecture will start with a short introduction of SAFe with a focus on NFR, infrastructure and management coverage. Lecture is to some extend the result of analysis done during a private cloud engagement(s) where the Client insisted on both, SAFe and SRE.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Rik Lammers is a Dutch IT architect working in a consultancy role with a long and extended background in IT Service Management and Architecture Governance. In the past years he has nearly exclusively worked on the impact of Cloud, Agile and DevOps on IT Service Management, Architecture and IT Governance practices. Earlier he did similar but then it was the impact of SOA. He has also fulfilled the lead architect role for the development of one of IBMs first extended integrated large SO multi tenant ITIL based Service Management solutions. In the 90-ties he was one of IBMs global leading professionals on IBM (AS400) systems management solutions (Still IBMs best system ever! ) He has been with IBM for more then 30 years.