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Build to Manage


Continuous Deployment is a key theme in the cloud world, which means that Operations have significantly less time to build the required knowledge, and the opportunity to apply this knowledge is much shorter. Therefore, we need a different approach to management. Instead of Operations figuring out their tasks in isolation, Operations works with Development in order to determine how to manage the application. Build to Manage is a new approach to development and operations that specifies the practice of activities developers can do in order to instrument the application and provide manageability aspects as part of an application release.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Rafal Szypulka is a Senior Solution Engineer, specialising in the cloud service management, observability, monitoring tools, and log analytics. He has worked with IBM Software as a software engineer and solution architect since 2000 and joined IBM in 2007. Since that time, he worked at EMEA IBM Software Services, WW Advanced Technology Group and lBM Garage Solution Engineering.