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5G and Edge


Recent investment and development of 5G has resulted in Edge Computing becoming a key technology to improve performance and availability. This session will discuss the following topics with a focus on improving performance, availability and reliability of solutions using 5G edge computing:

• High-level overview of 5G Edge and key performance, availability and security challenges for implementing an end-to-end edge solution from an application and network perspective • 5G Edge use cases from the Telecommunications industry that should be considered from a performance, scalability and security perspective • Architecture overview and how key components including IBM Edge Application Manager (IEAM) and Telco Network Cloud Platform with associated tooling such as Agile Lifecycle Manager (ALM), Netcool Operations Insights (NOI) and Agile Service Manager (ASM) can improve the performance and resilience of solutions running AI and analytics workloads. • Demonstration and details of an actual 5G implementation at the edge with multiple AI and analytics application workloads running on cloud pack at the MEC (Multi Access Edge Computing) and on multiple devices managed by IEAM and ACM. Integration of the above with Telco Network Cloud Platform using key 5G xNF’s spanning 5G Core, vRAN and IMS with functions such as 5G slicing with close loop automation to improve performance, availability and reliability will also demonstrated. • Customer implementation examples, lessons learned from the above experience and key points to consider to be successful in this journey.

Learning Objectives: Get a have a deeper understanding of 5G/edge from a performance, availability and security perspective

Expected Outcomes: Apply learnings to 5G and edge implementations they may be working on

Session Type: Innovative Point of View / Experience Sharing

Delivery Method: Lecture

Customer: Multiple Global Telecom customers implementing 5G/edge

Speaker Bio

BIO – Utpal Mangla leads IBM’s Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment (TME) Industry Center of Competency and ‘Innovation Portfolio’ focusing on Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 5G EDGE, Hybrid Cloud and Blockchain Innovations for TME clients worldwide. His latest focus is on integrating 5G with Edge computing to provide meaningful solutions to TME clients. With over 20 years of consulting, system integration, program delivery and industry experience, Utpal brings a depth of expertise and knowledge on building next generation of client interactions providing seamless customer experience across multiple platforms for telecommunications industry. Utpal has deep experience across all pillars of TME industry including next-gen Networks, Content Enrichment & Distribution and Customer analytics. A thought leader in our industry, Utpal has spoken at numerous conferences, participated in industry panels & has multiple publications

BIO – Mathews Thomas is the Lead Executive Architect for IBM’s Telecom and Media labs. He works with key clients, partners and standards organizations to develop leading-edge industry solutions built on IBM’s AI, analytics, blockchain and cloud platforms. With over 20 years of consulting, system integration, development and industry experience in Finance, Industrial and Telecom & Media industries, Mathews brings in-depth expertise and knowledge in building the next generation industry solutions across multiple platforms for the telecommunications and media industry. He holds over 50 patents (IBM Master inventor), has over 40 publications, presented at numerous conferences and is an Open Group Distinguished Certified Chief Architect

BIO – Sharath Prasad is Senior IT Specialist and Data Scientist for the Communications Sector at the IBM Global Solution Center in Dallas, Texas. He has been involved with the development of several industry solutions and customer-facing projects involving analytics, artificial intelligence, edge computing and cloud computing. His latest focus is on integrating 5G with Edge computing to provide meaningful solutions to TME clients. Sharath holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering and a master’s degree in Business Analytics.

BIO – Juel Raju – Juel is a certified Client Technical Specialist for IBM’s Global Solution Center focused on the Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment Industry. He has been with IBM for 7 years creating solutions for our clients around Analytics, Cognitive, and Cloud Platforms. His current focus is on Cognitive and Networking solutions built on 5G Networks.