A Framework for Approaching Organisational Resilience


Resilience for an organisation involves much more than just maintaining availability of supporting systems. The challenges to an organisation’s resilience can take many diverse forms and threaten an organisation’s reason for being, let alone day-to-day operations. COVID-19 has been one recent example, but natural disasters, market shifts and technology advancement have all played a role in bringing down high profile businesses. This paper proposes a structured framework to defining how an organisation seeks to plan for, and approach how to handle, resilience challenges. It takes a business focussed view of an organisation’s desired relative operating level post-challenge compared to pre-challenge. Once an organisation is categorised, is it possible to derive appropriate strategies that can be applied across the organisation to prepare for both foreseen and unforeseen threats. As an entry point for resilience engineering at the organisational level, the framework can facilitate business opportunities across the entire business spectrum, with particular opportunities in Cloud Computing, Data & AI

Speaker Bio

BIO – James Bradley – James has over 22 years of experience in IT Consulting, with particular emphasis on IT Architecture; Analytics and Information Management; and Government Industry. He is currently working as a Business and Solution Architect specialising in information management in a national security context. Over the past couple of years, James has been developing ideas in the area of Organisational Resilience and considering to how to apply technology to make the whole of a business more resilient.