KEYNOTE: Double Trouble: how Operations Risk Insights mitigates the pandemic and global cyclone threats


Operations Risk Insights (ORI) identifies severe natural and man-made disasters, so IBMers and disaster relief partners can quickly recover when the most vulnerable locations and populations are impacted globally. ORI monitors and mitigates risks from all significant global disasters including: the COVID-19 Pandemic, Global Cyclones (tropical storms, typhoons and hurricanes), Flooding, Earthquakes, Wildfires and even man-made crisis like Social Unrest or Labor Strikes.

ORI runs on the RedHat OpenShift platform for hybrid, multi-cloud integration and the open source, IBM Carbon Design UI/UX platform. ORI uses geo-spatial visualization in alignment with The Weather Company (TWC): MapBox tiles and Pangea SDK for the best visualization of risks and user experience globally. ORI is open to all IBMers and is used regularly by over 1200 employees for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and our IBM Global Crisis Management Teams (CMT) for recovery. Furthermore, in partnership with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team and the Call for Code – ORI is used regularly by 6 disaster relief non-profit groups including Save the Children. For more information, you can review the following IBM article:

ORI was featured in the first COVID-19 all hands communication from our IBM CEO on March 9th. It was also called out in the IBM 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility report from the new IBM CEO in July as follows: ORI has delivered $15M in business benefit to IBM over the past 3 years and has strong interest from our clients as a hybrid multi-cloud, IoT, AI and big data analysis, Watson showcase. IBM Business Continuity professionals sleep better at night, with ORI as their trusted SaaS providing the heavy lift of real time social media analysis from thousands of data sources hourly coupled with geo-spatial monitoring of over 25,000 global points of interest in near real time.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Chet Karwatowski is a Supply Chain and Digital Transformation Leader in the IBM Chief Information Office (CIO) organization, part of IBM Finance and Operations (F&O). Chet leads multiple IBM digital transformation efforts leveraging IBM cloud, AI and User Experience (UX) technologies and best practices. He is currently a volunteer for the UX transformation of the Operations Risk Insights with Watson initiative and is leading the adoption of IBM’s Carbon design system and the TWC Pangea SDK to create a “walk-up-and-use” experience for users. Chet is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and leadership team member of the AoT Technical Council for Blockchain.

BIO – Rahul Nahar is a Senior Technical Staff member in Chief Analytics (CAO) organization of Finance and Operations (F&O). Rahul has led projects in Finance and Operations applying Machine Learning/ AI in Source to Pay and Lead to Cash Space. Currently Rahul is the Lead Data Scientist on Cognitive Enterprise 2020 project. Rahul has led the development of Solutions for Demand Management and Forecasting, Available to Promise, Production Planning and Scheduling. Rahul led the initial development and architecture of Operational Risk Insights Solution.

BIO – Tom Ward is an AI Project Lead within the Chief Data Office (CDO) organization of Finance and Operations (F&O). He leads the global development and deployment of cloud and AI projects across the Enterprise. Tom is the application owner for Operations Risk Insights with Watson. He is an IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) and AoT Leadership Team (ALT) Member, a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and an IBM Consultant Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP).