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Learn about testing for quality of IT service

Day 1: September 15, 2020

  • Speakers: Richard Hopkins

    Day 1 welcome by IBM Academy of Technology President

  • Speakers: Ingo Averdunk

    This presentation describes key architectural patterns available to implement reliability into a software component or service. With the skill and experience in these techniques, the engineering professional can have a meaningful conversation with product owners on implementing reliability targets for a given service.

  • Speakers: Himika GuptaNeshoo KachrooSuman Athuluri

    RedHat OpenShift Container is highly on demand in the market as it accelerates development, easy to migrate container process to new operating system with low cost. But as everything has its own advantage and disadvantage, there is limit on objects based on the cluster size that impacts the performance of application. This session addresses ways of sizing a RedHat OpenShift Container cluster

  • Speakers: Allen DownsAndrea SaylesBj Klingenberg

    **Resiliency and Business Update Panel Discussion**

    Andrea to give a perspective on Business and Operational Resiliency – especially in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and she will host a panel to discuss the market/client view of Business and Operational Resiliency, as well as the current state of accelerated cyber security attacks given the vulnerabilities caused by COVID-19. She will also give a view of what the IBM company is doing for Business Continuity Management (BCM) and how we are keeping our employees and clients safe in this highly volatile environment. Her guests on the panel will be:

    Allen Downs, VP, Global Sales, Business Resiliency Services

    BJ Klingenberg, CTO, Business Resiliency Services

  • Speakers: Himika GuptaSimran Solanki

    Testing excerpt

  • Speakers: Satheeshbabu KVijayanand Kuppurao

    Blockchain is distributed database predominantly implemented without a central authority and central repository. As it is distributed it requires redundant checking in each distributed piece of Blockchain. This redundant check may increase the need for performance of the nodes running in parallel. This abstract details about the Performance assurance best practices , metrics and unique performance metrics of Blockchain Performance Testing.

  • Speakers: Chad Andrews (moderator)J Gregory Land (greg)Jane CheungLauren IsbellNikiforos ChatzopoulosSashank Rao Yaragudipati

    PREVAIL2020 brings to you an amazing panel discussion featuring a number of industry experts from IBV and Industry Academy who speak about how businesses and industries are changing during pandemic and what will take precedence post pandemic. Our panellists are coming from Consumer and Travel & Transportation industries. Do not miss on this spectacular opportunity to hear from our experts.

Day 2: September 16, 2020

  • Speakers: Ralph Bateman

    SRE is a term now used widely across our industry. But what does it mean and how can you do it? Ever wanted to know how to achieve high availability, but fast and frequent deployment to production. How can you enable Development squads to deploy to production as often as they want without risking outages? Learn how AIOps and Chatbots can help save you time and effort in a highly availably production system. This session will cover all these topics and more.

  • Speakers: Nithin S N

    The Performance Testing starts with analysing the application UI and creating the test scripts. Use of AI in performance testing will make tasks like scripting, monitoring highly impactful and help to get real time results very quickly.

  • Speakers: Richard Hopkins

    Day 2 welcome by IBM Academy of Technology President

  • Speakers: Stacy Joines

    Hybrid Cloud brings not only new technology, but also a new culture to traditional IT. This culture change is most famous for its embrace of techniques like Design Thinking, Agile development, and pair programming. This presentation discusses how Hybrid Cloud technology and culture reaches into the space of performance and scalability. We’ll discuss considerations and lessons from real-world experiences to engage the scalability and power of the Hybrid Cloud. The presentation will also cover how one team, the IBM Garage, is working to incorporate operational success factors like Scalability and Security into the very fabric of the new development culture.

  • Speakers: Vinay Nama

    Creating a scalable and reusable JMeter and ELK setup on OpenShift cloud and automating the end to end process with CI/CD

  • Speakers: Chris Dotson

    How does security affect resilience? For example, are your cloud security measures implemented in a way that can respond to changing demand quickly, and do your security measures make your environment more resistant to disruption from different types of attacks? In this session, we'll discuss the essentials of cloud security -- such as threats, vulnerabilities, risks, and preventive and detective controls, and how different security measures can both positively and negatively impact resilience.

  • Speakers: Anil JainDhiraj KunwarHeather Fraser (moderator)Jianying HuPaolo Sironi

    PREVAIL2020 brings to you an amazing panel discussion featuring a number of industry experts from IBV and Industry Academy who speak about how businesses and industries are changing during pandemic and what will take precedence post pandemic. Our panellists are coming from Banking & Financial Markets and Health & Life Sciences industries. Do not miss on this spectacular opportunity to hear from our experts.

Day 3: September 17, 2020

  • Speakers: Jyothi PeddalingamSwetha P J

    Key testing challenges, testing approaches, and testing solutions for achieving better performance of home automated systems are explained.

  • Speakers: Vijay Vardhan

    Highlighting the Performance Testing using DevOps setup in Automation Framework

  • Speakers: Sukumar Ganapathy

    Test data plays a vital role to perform effective and accurate/realistic performance testing. However, in many situations getting right set up of test data or setup the test data by the performance testing team itself involves many challenges. This abstract describes various challenges involved the test data requirement for effective performance testing.

  • Speakers: Nithin S N

    The impact of the cloud on testing practices has grown with the cloud’s growing presence in the IT industry. Testing practices are now dealing with several aspects of the cloud simultaneously.

  • Speakers: Jyothi Peddalingam

    In this paper, we share the idea of how this perfect storm could impact IT practices and has successfully embraced today’s new, virtualized environment for applications and we determine how the combination of HP LoadRunner for performance testing with NV tools for WAN/LAN emulation can dramatically increase test efficiency.

  • Speakers: Richard Hopkins

    Day 3 welcome by IBM Academy of Technology President

  • Speakers: Chet KarwatowskiRahul NaharThomas Ward

    Double Trouble: how Operations Risk Insights mitigates the pandemic and global cyclone threats for IBMers and Non-profit Disaster Relief Agencies

  • Speakers: Aslam Shaik

    In this paper, lets discuss how the performance testing frameworks has been used to Pro-actively monitor Virtual servers from an end user perspective, Determining the slowness, Tracking end user behavior and raising alerts.

  • Speakers: Aslam Shaik

    In this session, we would like to share our experience how we have performed Testing by optimizing the performance in Private Data Center for 202 applications by simulating the realistic user load from 23 geographical locations across the globe.

  • Speakers: Sam Lightstone

    AI is disrupting system performance. In this session CTO and IBM Fellow Sam Lightstone will highlight some of the emerging AI technologies that are creating knew opportunities for performance engineering. From Machine Learning to Deep Learning to Neuromorphic computing, learn how performance engineering is entering a new era beyond the fundamentals of throughput and latency of compute, storage and network. Profound changes are occurring as every layer of the stack is increasingly infused with AI.

  • Speakers: Rama Akkiraju

    Recent advancements in Cloud computing, which makes compute available for rent, Natural Language Processing via pre-trained language models such as Bi-directional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) for language understanding, and Machine Learning via interpretable machine learning models are all making it possible to infuse AI into traditional business processes by tapping into semi-structured and unstructured data that was not effectively tapped into before. In this talk, I will discuss the opportunity to infuse AI into IT operations management. I will demonstrate how AI enables us to mine application and infrastructure logs, tickets, and IT Operations managers’ collaboration chat conversations in addition to metrics that are traditionally analyzed to better diagnose, repair and resolve problems. In addition, I’ll discuss how we can proactively avoid issues from happening by improving the quality of the software development lifecycle artifacts via feed-forward and feedback loops.

Day 4: September 18, 2020

  • Speakers: Mukesh Kumar

    Testing excerpt

Meet the speakers

  • Allen Downs

    Vice President, Global Sales, Business Resiliency Services (IBM)

  • Andrea Sayles

    General Manager, Business Resiliency Services (IBM)

  • Anil Jain

    MD, FACP; VP & Chief Health Information Officer (IBM)

  • Aslam Shaik

    Managing Consultant - Performance Testing/Engineering (IBM)

  • Bj Klingenberg

    IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO – Client Resiliency Technology Enablement, IBM GTS

  • Chad Andrews (moderator)

    Global Leader for Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment (TME) within the IBM's Institute for Business Value (IBV)

  • Chet Karwatowski

    IBM CIO Digital Change Lead for Buy@IBM, STSM and AoT Blockchain TC Leadership team

  • Chris Dotson

    Distinguished Engineer, CTO IBM Public Cloud Security IBM Cloud

  • Dhiraj Kunwar

    Managing Director Business Banking, RAKBANK in UAE

  • Heather Fraser (moderator)

    Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value. IBM Industry Academy Member

  • Himika Gupta

    Performance Test Specialist (IBM)

  • Ingo Averdunk

    Distinguished Engineer in Service Management and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) (IBM)

  • J Gregory Land (greg)

    Global Industry Leader – Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Related Services Executive Director, Travel & Transportation Global Team

  • Jane Cheung

    Global Research Leader for the Consumer Industry, IBM Institute for Business Value. (IBM)

  • Jianying Hu

    BM Fellow, Global Science Leader of AI for Healthcare, and Director of Center for Computational at IBM Research

  • Jyothi Peddalingam

    Performance Test Specialist (IBM)

  • Lauren Isbell

    Integrated Transformation Business Development Executive (IBM)

  • Mukesh Kumar

    Test Specialist (IBM)

  • Neshoo Kachroo

    Technical Specialist (IBM)

  • Nikiforos Chatzopoulos

    Associate Partner Global Travel & Transportation & Client Executive Etihad Aviation Group (IBM)

  • Nithin S N

    Senior Technical Service Specialist (IBM)

  • Paolo Sironi

    Global Research Leader, Banking and Finance | IBM Institute for Business Value | IBM Industry Academy

  • Rahul Nahar


  • Ralph Bateman

    Distinguished Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering, IBM Cloud

  • Rama Akkiraju

    IBM Fellow, CTO - AI for IT Operations. Master Inventor, IBM Academy Member

  • Richard Hopkins

    IBM Distinguished Engineer, Executive IT Architect

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  • Sam Lightstone

    CTO for AI Strategy & IBM Fellow, IBM Data and AI

  • Sashank Rao Yaragudipati

    Industry Leader for Retail in the IBM India Client Innovation Centre

  • Satheeshbabu K

    Sr. Manager - Performance Testing (IBM)

  • Simran Solanki

    Performance Test Specialist (IBM)

  • Stacy Joines

    IBM Fellow, IBM Garage and Solution Engineering (IBM)

  • Sukumar Ganapathy

    Test Specialist – Performance and Capacity Management (IBM)

  • Suman Athuluri

    Performance Architect (IBM)

  • Swetha P J

    Performance Test Specialist (IBM)

  • Thomas Ward

    IBM CDO AI Project Leader, STSM, CSCMP and AoT ALT Member

  • Vijay Vardhan

    Performance Engineer

  • Vijayanand Kuppurao

    Advisory Technical Services Specialist – Performance and Capacity Management (IBM)

  • Vinay Nama

    Performance Test Consultant (IBM)

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