A Journey from IGNITE Performance Testing/Engineering Frameworks To Monitoring Console at Control Tower – B – 064


The client, Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline in the UAE. Its head office is in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, near Abu Dhabi’s International Airport. Etihad commenced operations in November 2003. There were more than 200 + applications in place and multiple vendors involved in development and maintenance. There were multiple instances where End users raised concerns on slowness on critical applications and support teams had challenges in isolating the bottleneck due to unavailability of historical data with respect to end to end performance stats. Existing tools at EY does not have capabilities to Pro-actively monitor & address system stability before the issue is reported by a User. This results in •Business Impact •Loss of Productivity and •Poor End User Experience

IBM Approach – •IBM leveraged its IGNITE Performance Testing/Engineering frameworks and proposed a fully customized solution in-line with best practices to address the ongoing limitations. Some of the key highlights from the solution are: •Provides the ability to replicate the end user transactions and document the end user experience performance metrics •Automatically capture errors, crashes, page load details and other performance KPI metrics for an entire user session •Proactively manage key business transactions using synthetic monitoring methodologies •Sending alerts

Client value –

•IBM as a differentiate when compared to other competitors •Addressed the ongoing limitations with existing monitoring tools •A standard, streamlined and best practice IT Service Monitoring Model aligned to client’s core values •Commitment to defined SLA’s by monitoring 24*7 •Productivity and service improvements •Problems proactively with real-time data •Awareness into performance issues and potential business impact before real user raises the issue

In this paper, lets discuss how the PT frameworks has been used to Pro-actively monitor Virtual servers from an end user perspective, Determining the slowness, Tracking end user behavior and raising alerts.

Speaker Bio

Aslam’s entire experience is into Performance Testing and Engineering and with IBM for a decade now supporting multiple clients across the globe and work experience in UK, Germany and UAE. Gained rich experience in technical team handling, solution assessment, pre-sales activities, proposal development, performance testing, project management, quality assurance, bottleneck identification and removal activities, customer/client satisfaction

As a highly skilled and successful Performance Testing and Technical professional with key experience in providing optimal solutions to customers’ issues regarding performance of applications in cloud environment and driving successful quality assurance and performance/non-functional testing, Aslam possess a wide range of knowledge and experience that will allow to contribute toward the success. He thrive on challenges and have a proven ability to successfully develop and execute plans to identify and improvise performance and remove bottlenecks from highly complex application structures.

In the current role with IBM, where he is working in the capacity of Managing Consultant and been playing an instrumental role in leading technical teams for guiding customers/clients with