Test Data challenges in Performance Testing – B – 066


Modern day application involves multiple source and target system and there are multiple communication channels involved among them for the interaction. Performance testing involves careful identification of scenario and the workload volumetric details. Based on the identified scenario, performance test team involves on the business scenario validation and test data requirement activities. Based on the test data requirement need, the test team itself will create by their own if such provision exist. Otherwise, they will connect and raise a request with Test data team for provisioning of the data. However, provisioning of the test data involves multiple challenges and complexities. This presentation describes some of the common challenges involved in test data provisioning for performance testing requirement and few solutions to mitigate the challenges.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Performance testing specialist having 13 years of experience in various performance testing tools, applications and technologies. Solid experience on Planning, Design, Testing and project management activities. Strong knowledge on Waterfall, Agile, DevOps methodologies.