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Creating a scalable and reusable JMeter and ELK setup on OpenShift cloud – B – 120


Solution involves creating a reusable JMeter and ELK setup on OpenShift cloud and automating the end to end process with CI/CD, where we can compare performance results against previous runs in Kibana, Have DCRUM capability built into ELK, have monitoring at different levels to identify the bottlenecks, Client has complete access to the PT results on ELK.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Vinay Nama – Joined IBM in July 2004 as a senior performance engineer for Siebel Product performance testing which was his first assignment since then Vinay has worked in multiple roles and different assignments. Currently he is working with Bell Canada project as performance consultant, also works on multiple initiatives such as responding to RFP’s, review complex performance solutions and provide expert suggestions and recommendations. He has worked on multiple Banking projects for solutioning as well as delivery of banking projects. He is very keenly interested in performance testing of cloud related especially Kubernetes, Istio etc