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Do your part to achieve clean energy

Understand the link between energy consumption and climate change, and how technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain can help individuals, communities, and utility companies harness their data to increase efficiency and reduce expenditures. Speed development of your solution with the expert-validated idea in the Call for Code energy sustainability starter kit. The starter kit creates the framework for a new global product labeling system that would include a comprehensive Climate Impact Rating (CIR), visible at point-of-sale, similar to the labels on food products, with incentives for consumers and retailers to drive purchases of products that have the least impact on the planet.

In this session, you’ll see how to build a prototype Climate Impact Rating system that supports consumer APIs. Follow along with the tutorial. Our experts will provide a basic architecture for you to experiment with building out additional climate rating components including:

  • A CouchDB NoSQL database layer holding both individual product ratings.
  • A basic API server that allows data to be inserted and extracted from the database. This API is expressed as an OpenAPI (Swagger) document, so you can build your own clients.
  • Deployment tools to stand up the above on IBM Cloud within the free-tier plan.

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