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How to foster water sustainability

Understand the link between water and the global climate crisis. Experts explain how higher temperatures and more extreme weather events are projected to affect the availability and distribution of rainfall, snow melt, river flows, and groundwater, and further deteriorate water quality. Hear how technologies like data analytics, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and blockchain can help address global environmental challenges such as water quantity and quality.

Finally, get a jump-start on your Call for Code submission with an idea created by a team of IBM and partner developers, as well as UN experts. This IoT solution, featured in the Call for Code water sustainability starter kit, aims to help farmers, particularly those in shifting climate realities, monitor hyper-localized weather data and adapt their crop strategies to optimize water usage. To achieve these goals, the starter kit includes a framework of resources and software to enable you to create solutions focused on water and irrigation for farmers affected by climate change around the world. After this session, you will be ready to get hands-on with these technical resources.

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