Additional resources: Accessing select data sources for your solution

Data can provide unexpected connections and new insights, making it a a key ingredient to a successful Call for Code solution. In this session, you’ll get an introduction to two unique data sources. Anthem, Inc. is providing researchers and developers access to its secure Digital Data Sandbox in order to enable solutions to some of healthcare’s most complex issues. With a certified de-identified data set* of more than 45 million unique lives spanning over 12 years, the Digital Data Sandbox offers the unprecedented ability to discover insights, build and train algorithms, validate solutions with Anthem experts, and deploy those solutions in the real world.

Companies like IBM sometimes provide access to data, too. IBM PAIRS GEOSCOPE is a platform, specifically designed for massive geospatial-temporal data (maps, satellite, weather, drone, IoT), query and analytics services. It frees up data scientists, developers from the cumbersome processes that dominate conventional geospatial-temporal data acquisition and preparation and provides search-friendly ready access to a rich, diverse, and growing catalog of historical and continuously updated geospatial-temporal information. PAIRS enables users to tap this vast and valuable source of often underutilized information to complement and contextualize their data, enable or enhance their applications, and develop, test, and refine their models. To get access to the PAIRS data set, send an email for PAIRS Geoscope access to In the email, indicate that you are a Call for Code participant. Include your name, email address, and your company or organization. You should gain access within 2 working days.