About the conference

This track is ideal for developers and data scientists interested in collaboration across teams, using top open source tools and scaling at enterprise speed.

Conference schedule

Day 1: March 3, 2020

  • Hillery Hunter, Vice President and CTO, IBM Cloud, and IBM Fellow, welcomes you to the Digital Developer Conferences and outlines what you will learn and why it matters.

    Hillery Hunter

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  • Learn how AI can simplify data science, improve machine learning and minimize unwanted bias. IBM CTO for Data, Sam Lightstone shows you how AI can help with data preparation, model development, feature engineering and more utilizing popular open source run-times and tools. This programming methodology has evolved to create trust and transparency in your AI models.

    Sam Lightstone

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  • The evolution of AI in enterprise environments requires advanced learning capabilities, scale and trust. IBM Fellow, Dr. John R. Smith reviews the work IBM Research has done to move AI applications from narrow tasks to a much broader set of enterprise applications.

    Dr. John R. Smith

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  • Get started coding in the IBM Cloud with this overview and tour from IBM Developer Advocate, Justin McCoy. He'll show you the basics of setting up an account, getting advanced cloud services for free and creating your first enterprise-ready Kubernetes cluster in less than 10 minutes!

    Justin McCoy

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  • With millions of football, golf and tennis fans around the world, AI can make an exciting sporting event even better. IBM Distinguished Engineer Aaron Baughman provides insights on how AI can enrich the sports experience for fans with analytics and statistics.

    Aaron K. Baughman

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  • Join Fred Reiss, Chief Architect of CODAIT IBM as he explains how to deploy a deep learning model from the IBM Developer Model Asset eXchange. He'll help you understand the main components of a deep learning model as well as best practices and potential pitfalls.

    Fred Reiss

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  • Creating a scalable and manageable machine learning model can be a tremendous challenge in production environments. Animesh Singh of IBM will show you how to leverage Kubernetes and open source technolgies like Tensorflow, Pytorch, Knative and Istio to deploy ML workloads and manage its full lifecycle.

    Animesh Singh

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  • A demonstration of how to use IBM Watson OpenScale to automate and operationalize AI. Developer advocate Javier Torres' will help you: Build a custom model serving engine using Keras, Access the custom model using a REST API and Log the payload for the model using Watson OpenScale

    Javier Torres

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Meet the speakers

  • Aaron K. Baughman

    IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor

  • Animesh Singh


  • Dr. John R. Smith

    IBM Fellow

  • Fred Reiss

    Chief Architect of CODAIT IBM

  • Hillery Hunter

    Vice President and CTO of IBM Cloud

  • Javier Torres

    IBM Developer Advocate

  • Justin McCoy

    IBM Developer Advocate

  • Sam Lightstone

    IBM CTO for Data