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Get ready to extend your smart and secure solutions on hybrid cloud—with the latest AI-powered automation for IT operations and integration. Whether you're a developer, architect, SRE, or IT Ops engineer, you'll discover ways to invest in AIOps and integration to address challenges with decentralized, microservices-based applications. Our selection of subject matter experts guide you through the essentials, experiences, and exercises to make these worthwhile skills for you and your company.

Dedicated tracks

Design Your AIOps & Integration Architecture

Recommended for architects, this track provides expert advice on how to plan for the AIOps and integration technologies you'll need to develop and manage your hybrid cloud solutions. Learn how AI can be leveraged to automate processes and improve security. Hear from leading clients and their developers to see how you can mirror their success.

Develop Modern, Decentralized Applications

Recommended for application and integration developers, this track provides a technical look into how to implement and deploy hybrid cloud applications that leverage multiple integration technologies including APIs, event streams and messaging. Address operational and development lifecycle aspects of your applications such as CI/CD, security and governance and how to utilize AI and operational data to automate test and development.

Operate Your Secure Applications

Recommended for SREs, ITOps, and security SMEs, this track provides a view on how AI can help automate IT operations management to deliver a more secure, reliable hybrid cloud environment. Topics include incident detection and resolution, DevSecOps, and application observability.

AIOps & Integration Essentials Course

Work directly with the essential integration technologies and best practices discussed throughout the conference experience to design, develop, and operate applications that leverage AI-powered automation to deliver more secure hybrid cloud solutions. 

About the conference

Extend your smart and secure solutions on hybrid cloud with the latest AI-powered automation for IT operations and integration.

AIOps & Integration

Let’s set the stage on your AIOps & Integration conference experience. Get a glimpse of the AI behind the IBM CloudPak for Watson AIOps and how using AI and operational data together can help automate the work of integration practitioners, provide analytical insights, and more to bring predictive problem solving to the forefront.

Day 1: April 20, 2021

  • The vision of self-aware, self-healing, and self-managing Information Technology (IT) systems has remained elusive till recently. Recent advancements in cloud computing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general, are making it possible to realize this vision now. AI can optimize IT operations management processes by increasing application availability, predicting and detecting problems early, reducing the time it takes to resolve problems, proactively avoiding problems, and optimizing the resources and cost of running business applications on hybrid clouds. In this talk, I will give a glimpse of the AI behind the IBM CloudPak for Watson AIOps. I'll describe how semi-structured application and infrastructure logs are analyzed to predict anomalies early, how entities are extracted and linked from logs, alerts and events to reduce alert noise for IT operations admins, how NLP is put to use on unstructured content in prior incident tickets to extract next-best-action recommendations to resolve problems, and how deployment change request descriptions are analyzed in combination with past incident root cause information to predict risks of deployment changes to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

    Rama Akkiraju

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  • In order for enterprises to become more efficient and innovate faster they need to embrace automation, freeing up humans to focus on higher value, more creative tasks. Not only is integration critical in bringing about this transformation, it's also a key target of automation allowing for "closed loop" integration. In this session we will explore how using AI and operational data together can help automate the work of integration practitioners, allowing them to deliver integrations faster and better.

    Rob Nicholson

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Meet the speakers

Experts and leaders in AIOps, automation, and integration come together to share their expertise to elevate your skills.

  • Ajay Gupta

    Senior Research Engineer with IBM India Research Lab

  • Anbang Xu

    Data Science Manager and Master Inventor

  • Anthony Amanse

    Software Developer

  • Anton McConville

    STSM, Engineering Manager, IBM Digital

  • Arthur De Magalhaes

    Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM

  • Callum Jackson

    Integration Solution Architect

  • Carlos Santana

    Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM

  • Dale Lane

    Architect, IBM Event Streams

  • David Carew

    Software Developer

  • Emma Humber

    Software Engineer, IBM Event Streams

  • Eric Carter

    Director, Product Marketing at Sysdig

  • Eric Wright

    Director Technical Marketing, Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic

  • Finbarr Hennessy

    Account Delivery Manager at DeployPartners

  • Frank Bagehorn

    Senior IT Architect, Hybrid Cloud Data Research IBM Research

  • Gene Brown

    Distinguished Engineer, IBM Hybrid Multicloud Delivery Guild - GTS, Delivery & Integrated Operation

  • Greg Southam

    Customer Success Manager at DeployPartners

  • Hania Abrahim

    Developer Advocate

  • Harald Biedermann

    OEBB-BCC GmbH Service Operations, AI Team Leader, Monitoring & Event Management

  • Isabell Sippli

    Senior Technical Staff Member for AIOps at IBM

  • Javier Torres

    Developer Advocate

  • Jayashree Ramanathan

    Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat

  • Jeremy Hogan

    Cloud Partner Solutions Architect at Confluent

  • Jess McCreery

    Software Engineer for IBM Automation

  • Jesus Rios

    IBM Research Staff Member, Cognitive Computing IBM Research

  • John Zaccone

    Developer Advocate

  • Kate Stanley

    Software Engineer - IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

  • Khalid Ahmed

    Distinguished Engineer,  IBM CloudPak for Multicloud Management & IBM Spectrum Computing

  • Krithika Prakash

    Senior Technical Staff Member, API Gateways

  • Laura Shwartz

    IBM Distinguished Engineer, Research, AI Ops for IT IBM Research

  • Liam McNulty

    Software Engineer for IBM MQ

  • Lukasz Gornicki

    AsyncAPI Maintainer and Community Guardian 

  • Mateo Burillo

    Product Manager (EMEA) at Sysdig

  • Max Kahan

    Software Engineer, IBM MQ Developer Experience

  • Michael Nidd

    Systems Management IBM Research

  • Michael Urwin

    Key Account Manager at DeployPartners

  • Natasha Kirkup

    Cloud Service Consultant - Integration

  • Neil Boyette

    Senior Technical Staff Member for AIOps at IBM

  • Neil Sugden

    Hybrid Cloud Trusted Advisor

  • Oliver Rodriguez

    IBM Developer Advocate

  • Padma Malladi

    Architect for Watson AIOPS

  • Peter Gollmar

    Program Dir., Developer Offerings & Development

  • Pooja Aggarwal

    Advisory Research Scientist at IBM Research, Bangalore, India

  • Pooja Mistry

    Developer Advocate

  • Pritam S Gundecha

    Senior Data Scientist at Cloud and Cognitive Software group at IBM

  • Raghav Batta

    Senior Developer, Hybrid Cloud Services IBM Research

  • Rama Akkiraju

    IBM Fellow, CTO - AI for IT Operations. Master Inventor, IBM Academy Member.

  • Richard Coppen

    IBM MQ Developer Experience

  • Rob Nicholson

    Distinguished Engineer, CTO IBM Integration

  • Robert Barron

    AIOps Lead, Garage for Technical Solution Acceleration

  • Robert G Thelen

    Offering Management, API Management and Gateways

  • Sameer Kamani

    Solutions Architect at GitLab serving U.S. Public Sector agencies

  • Santhosh Ramanathan

    IBM Cloud Pak for Integration solution designer at TCS 

  • Sean Sundberg

    Senior Architect

  • Seema Nagar

    Advisory research engineer at IBM Research India

  • Soheel Chughtai

    MQ Developer Experience

  • Soumitra Limaye

    Director, Digital Technology Lab & API Economy, IBM Software Labs

  • Sreedhar Kodali

    Software Architect for IBM Watson AIOps performance

  • Steve Waterworth

    Technical Marketing Manager at Instana

  • Tamar Eilam

    IBM Fellow, Cloud, Climate IBM Research

  • Tamir Arnesty

    Backend Software Developer (Intern), Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

  • Tim Brooks

    IBM Offering Manager in the IBM AIOps and Service Management

  • Ulas Cubuk

    Offering Manager, IBM Application Integration

  • Zachary Silverstein

    Americas RPA Program Lead & IBM Master Inventor

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