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Apply Policy Based Governance to Automate Continuous Security and Compliance Readiness for Open Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises must meet standards for software engineering, secure engineering, resiliency, security, and regulatory compliance for public, private, multi, and hybrid clouds. Site Reliability Engineering teams that manage cloud platforms, as well as application developers that run their business applications on cloud platforms are not necessarily subject matter experts for all aspects of such standards and as such need an easy way to conform to them. This is the session for them.

Continued on session page Policy based governance represents best practices defined by subject matter experts as policies deployed using GitOps, resulting in a desired configuration state for various controls. Such policies are developed in a collaborative manner in an open upstream community thereby resulting in best of breed content. This approach also lends itself easily to automate any non-compliance to best practices, and applying analytics to fine tune policies.

Get a technical deep dive of the architecture used to accomplish these goals, how it seamlessly integrates with various policy engines such as Gatekeeper/OPA, and how it can also integrate with enterprise tools used for security operations and incident management.

Jayashree Ramanathan

Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat

Jaya Ramanathan is a Distinguished Engineer within Red Hat. She has worked in the security field for over twenty years. She has held Chief Architect roles for identity and access management, security integration initiative, auditing and reporting, data loss prevention, and cloud platform security, governance, and compliance. She is currently the Chief Security and Governance Architect for Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes.