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Strengthening your ARM (Application Resource Management) with AIOps

Applications run business, but application downtime or performance degradation kills customer experience and disrupts developer and IT operations priorities. As organizations modernize applications using microservices architectures and innovative technologies, it has never been more important to drive application centric IT operations, deliver targeted actions for performance improvements and leverage AI across development and application teams to automate and scale their efforts.

This session provides a deep technical dive on IBM’s OEM Application Resource Management (ARM – Powered by Turbonomic) to highlight how AIOps provides highly distributed and dynamic applications the resources they need to perform. AIOps is the cross section of observability and actionability helping customers automate so they can focus on innovation and deliver the best customer experiences. Learn how ARM brings higher levels of automation to APM solutions (for example, Instana) through AIOps. The combination of APM and ARM brings an application centric prioritization to resource management based on application SLOs.

Eric Wright

Director Technical Marketing, Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic

Eric brings a wealth of knowledge to his role from years as a practitioner running high performing IT operations teams at Raymond James and Sun Life Financial. Eric is a thought leader and is respected by industry peers across multiple areas: virtualization, cloud, Infrastructure-as-Code and AIOps. He is a technologist at heart sharing his experiences across the industry through multiple channels as Podcasts (DiscoPosse), Turbonomic Labs and various industry publications and blogs..