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DevSecOps + AI: Your SRE’s Best Friends

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) want to get ahead of application and IT outages and resolve incidents before they impact users, but many teams today are overwhelmed by noise as they look to detect, isolate, diagnose and resolve the incident quickly. The acceleration of idea to production demands more time and attention from people. Fortunately, there’s a new way of incorporating AIOps into DevSecOps to improve efficiency and effectiveness for finding problems, fixing them,and deploying fixes before major incidents occur. AIOps can free up precious time by surfacing critical information before incidents occur by positively influencing development decisions.

Sameer Kamani

Solutions Architect at GitLab serving U.S. Public Sector agencies

Sameer is a Solutions Architect at GitLab serving U.S. Public Sector agencies. his vast experience through multiple roles across agencies has provided him with a unique opportunity to learn and understand how digital transformation is disrupting the Public Sector. With a background in Artificial Intelligence, Sameer looks at business opportunities with a deeply analytical lens to advise appropriate solutions for Government agencies. Prior to joining GitLab, Sameer was an Application Security Solutions Architect; a role that provided the ability to gain deep insights into why security tends to be a difficult aspect of Software development. During his tenure in Application Security, Sameer advised numerous Federal, State and Local agencies in defining and implementing cybersecurity policies and practices.