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Building more economical and ethical production practices

Worldwide economic production and consumption rest on the use of the natural environment and resources in a way that continues to have destructive impacts on the planet. Economic and social progress over the last century has been accompanied by environmental degradation that is endangering the very systems on which our future development depends.

So, how can technologists come together to create sustainable solutions that build more economical and ethical production practices, all while encouraging consumers to make green consumption choices? In this session, Atishay Abbhi provides ideas and context to Call for Code participants seeking to make the world a better place by creating a community around farming and consumption best practices, educating consumers to make smarter choices and understanding how their choices impact the environment and society at large.

Abbhi, a Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank, has been working at the crossroads of climate, natural disasters, and conflict for the last 10 years.

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