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Digital Developer Conference

Data & AI 2021

June 8, 2021 | 24-hr Conference begins: 10am AEST

Free and on demand. Learn industry-recognized data and AI skills from IBM experts, partners, and the worldwide community. Hands-on experiences, IBM client stories, best practices, and more.

About the conference

Register for free and get ready to build smart and secure data and AI solutions with a focus on experimentation, eminence, and education. The IBM Developer ecosystem of experts, enthusiasts, and client partners have created a robust conference experience focused on exploring AI-centric solutions and platforms—dedicated to the worldwide community of developers, data scientists, and academia.

This conference is part of our ongoing Digital Developer Conference series and features new sessions each year. Looking for the past conference? They're temporarily unavailable, but we'll let registered attendees know when they're back.

Reasons to attend

Focused on the AI development community of architects, data scientists, data engineers, developers, and machine learning practitioners, this conference provides a free opportunity to explore the challenges faced when working with data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning neural networks.

Learn data science and machine learning skills from trusted developer experts. See how other businesses found success by leveraging AI with trust and security, and how you can do the same. Get the latest from the global community of experts and enthusiasts, with an experience designed to both educate and illuminate.

Going live during the conference, take a break from learning for some livestreaming fun. Join the watch party and hang out with conference speakers and IBM Developer Advocates while they talk tech, do some live coding, and answer your questions.

Dedicated tracks + live watch party

AI in the Wild

How are businesses using AI successfully? In this track, we'll showcase successful implementations and use cases of AI in the wild. Hear from client partners and get inspired by the art of the possible in your own AI journey.

Trending Topics

What are the new, popular or upcoming AI trends? This track dives deeper into data and AI news you should know. Hear from AI enthusiasts on emerging advancements in the AI space.

Data & AI Tutorials

Need to jump start your data science and AI journey? We've got you covered. Emerging, established, and enterprise practitioners and developers alike can benefit from these problem-solving showcases featuring a variety of technologies, products, use cases, and starter code. 

Lightning Talks

Looking to diversify your experience? Let's go beyond the technology. Hear from the AI community on career reflection and growth, AI ethics, advancements, empowerment, and more.

Data & AI Essentials Course

Ready to get hands on? Take the course, pass the quiz, earn the badge. Our populate Data & AI essentials course is back and updated for 2021. New skills for beginners, a confirmation of skills for experts. 

Livestream Watch Party

Want to get some (digital) face time with the speakers? Join the IBM Developer livestream team as they invite speakers and other developer experts to stop by and hang out, do some live coding, and answer your questions.

Regional and Topical Events 

Ready to go global and broaden your topical experience? New this year, we've asked the global community of AI experts, enthusiasts, and others to join us for the conference by hosting regional and topical events. Local communities, local times, local languages, worldwide knowledge.

Industry-recognized data and AI skills

Build smart and secure data and AI applications with the latest skills and experiment with technologies from IBM and its partners.

AI in production

Clients share their challenges, and how they overcame them, through architectural and tooling solutions. Session topics include deploying models on the edge, cloud-based AI development environments, building personalized messaging at scale with AI, and the latest from IBM Research.