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Data & AI 2021

Free and on demand. Learn industry-recognized data and AI skills from IBM experts, partners, and the worldwide community. Hands-on experiences, IBM client stories, best practices, and more.

About the replays

These on-demand replays allow you to get ready to build smart and secure data and AI solutions with a focus on experimentation, eminence, and education. The IBM Developer ecosystem of experts, enthusiasts, and client partners have created a robust set of conference sessions that focus on exploring AI-centric solutions and platforms—dedicated to the worldwide community of developers, data scientists, and academia.

This conference is part of our ongoing Digital Developer Conference series and features new sessions each year. Looking for the past conference? Refer to our list of conference replays.

Industry-recognized data and AI skills

Build smart and secure data and AI applications with the latest skills and experiment with technologies from IBM and its partners.


Welcome to our Keynote presentations. Watch industry experts talk about topics in the Data & AI Space

Day 1: June 8, 2021

  • In this presentation, we recount why trust is needed in critical and consequential applications of artificial intelligence and the key ways for achieving it throughout the development lifecycle.

    Kush Varshney

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  • We will present a brief overview of recent Natural Language Processing solutions for multilingual question answering, multilingual information extraction and their integration into a Discovery solution.

    Salim Roukos

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  • The power that developers and data scientists wield today has never been greater. Artificial intelligence technology and cloud services provide the tools to tackle the greatest business challenges. At the same time, the existential threat posed by climate change is larger than it’s ever been. Humanitarian issues like racial injustice have divided us like never before. Can open source technology make a difference? Call for Code, an initiative created in 2018 by David Clark Cause, IBM, the United Nations, and the Linux Foundation thinks (and shows) that it can. Build your solution for the 2021 Call for Code Global Challenge using The Weather Company APIs, third-party data from Esri ArcGIS, and several other datasets available to participants in this year's competition.

    Ruth Davis

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  • Project Debater is the first AI system that can meaningfully debate a human opponent. The system, an IBM Grand Challenge, is designed to build coherent, convincing speeches on its own, as well as provide rebuttals to the opponent's main arguments. In 2019, Project Debater competed against Harish Natarajan, who holds the world record for most debate victories, in an event held in San Francisco that was broadcasted live world-wide. In this talk I will briefly tell the story of Project Debater, from conception to a climactic final event.

    Noam Slonim

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Meet the speakers

Learn industry-recognized data and AI skills from IBM experts, partners, and the worldwide community—featuring hands-on experiences, IBM client stories, essentials and best practices, latest trends, and more.

  • Aakanksha Joshi

    Advisory Data Scientist - Data Science and AI Elite

  • Aaron Geer

    Analytics Supplier Business Executive - IBM, Tech Data

  • Akira Onishi

    Customer Success Manager, IBM

  • Ancha Bhalla

    Technical Evangelist, Cap Gemini

  • Arunkumar K Suryanarayanan

    Engineering Manager, Trusted AI, Watson OpenScale

  • Beate Porst

    Program Director Product Management IBM Data and AI

  • Ben Peterson

    Hybrid Cloud Build Team Leader, IBM

  • Beth Rudden

    Distinguished Engineer - Offering Leader AI at Scale, Trusted AI

  • Bruce Momjian 

    VP, EDB

  • Bryce Beddard

    Field Applications Engineer, Boston Dynamics

  • Caitlin Hudon

    Principle Data Scientist, OnlineMedEd

  • Daniel Krook

    CTO, Call for Code

  • David Tam

    Software Developer

  • Dheeraj Arremsetty

    Data Scientist

  • Dhiraj Joshi

    Research Staff Member, IBM Research AI

  • Edmund Shee

    Developer Advocacy Leader, UKI, IBM

  • Fawaz Siddiqi

    Developer Advocate

  • Felix Augenstein

    Data Scientist, IBM

  • Fred Reiss

    Principal Research Staff Member, IBM

  • Gabriela de Queiroz

    Chief Data Scientist, AI Strategy & Innovation

  • Gegi Thomas

    Senior Technical Staff Member

  • Gert Koekemoer

    Analytics Practise Manager, Altron System Integration

  • Harald Gröger

    Executive Information Architecture Technical Specialist IBM Technology Sales

  • Heiko Ludwig

    Principle Research Staff Member, IBM

  • Ibrahim Haddad

    VP of Strategic Programs, The Linux Foundation

  • Ivan Nesic

    Engineer, University Hospital Basel

  • JJ Asghar

    Developer Advocate

  • James Taylor

    IBM Champion and Business Partner

  • Jan Mikolon

    Advisory Data Scientist, IBM

  • Javier Perez

    IBM Z Open Source Program Office Manager

  • Javier Torres

    Developer Advocate

  • Jeff Jonas

    Data Scientist, Senzing

  • Jenny Li

    Executive Architect and Master Inventor, IBM

  • Jun Wang

    Senior Data and AI Solution Architect, IBM

  • Karina Kervin

    Data Scientist, IBM

  • Kelvin Lui

    Senior Technical Product Manager - Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

  • Kush Varshney

    Distinguished Research Staff Member and Manager

  • Lakshyana K. C.

    Build Change

  • Laura Ellis

    Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

  • Libby Ingrassia

    Program Director - IBM Champions

  • Lukasz Cmielowski

    Software Architect

  • Marco Da Silva

    Principal Roboticist, Boston Dynamics

  • Marius Danciu

    Lead Architect, Watson Machine Learning service, IBM

  • Mark Lack

    Founder and CEO, Shorten the Gap

  • Marlene Spangenberg

    Staff Data Scientist, IBM

  • Martin Hickey

    Open Source Software Development

  • Maximilian Wurzer

    Machine Learning Architect, IBM

  • Mohan Venkataraman

    CTO, Chainyard

  • Nanfei Yan

    Business Engineering Lead, Palantir

  • Noam Slonim

    Distinguished Engineer, IBM Research AI

  • Omid Meh

    Developer Advocate

  • Patrick Callaghan 

    Partner CTO, DataStax

  • Patrick Titzler

    Developer Advocate

  • Philippe Gregoire

    Developer, GBS

  • Prasanna Sattigeri

    Research Staff Member, IBM

  • Qamar un Nisa

    Lead Developer Advocate, North, East and West Africa (NEWA)

  • Rafael Todesco

    Developer Advocate

  • Raghu Ramaswamy

    IBM Certified Senior Architect

  • Renato Castilho

    Solutions Architect, Ingram Micro

  • Ripul Patel 

    Senior Principle Engineer,

  • Romeo Kienzler

    CTO and Chief Data Scientist, STSM, IBM Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies

  • Ruth Davis

    Director, Call for Code

  • Saishruthi Swaminathan

    Technical Lead & Data Scientist / Developer Advocate- CODAIT

  • Saket Sathe

    Research Staff Member

  • Salim Roukos

    IBM Fellow, Global Leader for Language Research & CTO Translation Technologies

  • Samaya Madhavan

    Senior Software Engineer, IBM

  • Scott D'Angelo

    Developer Advocate

  • Scott Dangelo

    Developer Advocate

  • Sepideh Seifzadeh

    Technical Manager - Sr. Data Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer

  • Sergio Gama

    Latin America Build Ecosystem & Developer Advocate Lead, IBM

  • Shivananda Shenoi

    Global Markets, IBM

  • Shobiitaa Krish

    IBM Technology Sales, Qatar

  • Sonia Mezzetta

    Program Director, Product Management, Data Fabric Solution Architecture

  • Steve Martinelli

    STSM, Developer Advocacy

  • Susan Malaika

    STSM: Data & AI Open Tech Special Projects; IBM Academy (AoT) Technology

  • Terri Lyons Smith

    Manager, Q2C Cognitive Innovation Finance and Operations

  • Travis Jeanneret

    Senior Data & AI Technical Architect

  • Upkar Lidder

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Vasanthi Gopal

    Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

  • Venkatesh (Venky) Sellappa

    Technologist, Cloudera

  • Wouter Oosterbosch

    Chief Data Scientist Europe, Associate Partner, IBM

  • Yamini Rao

    Developer Advocate, IBM

  • Yin Chen

    Product Manager, IBM AutoAI

  • Yiwen Li

    Software Engineer

  • Yoav Kantor

    Research Scientist, IBM

  • Yuya Jeremy Ong

    Research Software Engineer, IBM

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