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Data Fabric and why you should care

The session is covering a unique challenge where we had to help our client predict the impact of Media on in store and online sales (over 100 stores). We/WPP as a group own multiple data assets, those data assets are siloed given their nature and what this data is used for historically.
As a media agency we knew that we had to understand the non-media driver of sales in each geography using Wunderman Identity Network to which we layered in the media spend and engagement data as well as client sales data at a point of sales level.
The volume of data we have access is larger than any typical Media Mix Model which is usually limited to media and macro level data modeled at a weekly level.
We connected the data that was siloed and sitting with different business units, and we had a vision on how this data work together. We leverage the capabilities our IBM partners brought to the table from Data and AI portfolio and expertise to build a new product that will evolve our business and knowledge of consumers and their behaviors. This is approach allowed us to go to micro targeting and personalization with remaining complaining to laws and regulations around privacy.
The attendees will gain insight on the approach to define the ask and how we solved for the siloed data challenges.