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Machine Learning with scikit-learn

In this module, we will get you started with machine learning using Python. After an overview of machine learning and an introduction to the open source library scikit-learn, you will learn how to build a predictive model. In the lab, you will use scikit-learn in a Jupyter notebook. You will perform data preparation and then build a linear regression model.

For the lab, you will be following these lab instructions

Samaya Madhavan

Senior Software Engineer

Samaya Madhavan is a Senior Software Engineer with IBM where she currently publishes content that are related to machine learning and deep learning. She is also a full stack software developer, experienced in offering AI based solutions within the healthcare domain. Samaya has her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Guindy and her Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Texas at Arlington. She is an ardent learner and a very passionate algorithm solver.