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Build and Deploy Custom AI Predictive Models: Part 1 – Intro & Building

Now that you’ve seen how to build machine learning models using Python, we’re going to explore another approach to building models. In this module, you’ll learn about AutoAI and see how it can help automate the process of building models.

We’ll cover an overview of the AutoAI tool, the tasks that it automates and explore the no-code approach to building models.

For the lab, you will be following these lab instructions

Yamini Rao

Developer Advocate

Yamini Rao is a Developer Advocate for IBM. She complies various developer scenarios and training material, including demos, writing blog posts, creating audio-visual artefacts and giving hands-on workshops and training sessions based on IBM Cloud technologies.

She works with various developer communities across the UK. As a developer advocate Yamini is involved in public speaking engagements at conferences and meetups and also organises some of these events as part of the role.

The other part of Advocacy involves closing the loop, to collect feedback from the developer community about how they are using the technology and channel this back to the engineering and product management teams.

She has a background in computer science and has previously worked as an Implementation Engineer for various IBM Analytical tools.