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Lab 3: Machine Learning with AutoAI Experiments

In this hands-on lab, we will learn how to use AutoAI to build our credit risk model. AutoAI is a tool that can build, train and optimize Machine Learning pipelines for you based on your use case. Providing you a way to automate the tasks involved in created predictive models. You will create an AutoAI experiment that will automate steps such as preparing your data for modeling, choosing the best algorithm/estimator for your problem, experimenting with pipelines and parameters for the trained models. At the end of this lab, you will have a model or pipeline that can be deployed.

For the lab, you will be following these lab instructions

Javier Torres

Developer Advocate

Javier Torres is a developer advocate and senior software engineer with IBM. He engages with customer and partner development teams to enable them on Cloud & Artificial Intelligence technologies. Prior to this role, he was a Solution Architect focusing on IBM Watson technologies. Javier has more than 15 years experience and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. He is currently interested in topics related to machine learning, deep learning, information retrieval and learning new development languages/technologies. Outside of technology and work; Javier enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and being active outdoors.