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Lab 4: Machine Learning with AutoAI Notebooks

In this hands-on lab, you will explore the the Jupyter Notebooks created from our AutoAI experiment. You get a chance to view and run the Python implementation for an AutoAI experiment and one of the pipelines. You will also get a chance to programmatically interact with the AutoAI experiment, to select a specific pipeline and deploy it. All from a Jupyter notebook.

For the lab, you will be following these lab instructions

Javier Torres

Developer Advocate

Javier Torres is a developer advocate and senior software engineer with IBM. He engages with customer and partner development teams to enable them on Cloud & Artificial Intelligence technologies. Prior to this role, he was a Solution Architect focusing on IBM Watson technologies. Javier has more than 15 years experience and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. He is currently interested in topics related to machine learning, deep learning, information retrieval and learning new development languages/technologies. Outside of technology and work; Javier enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and being active outdoors.