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BONUS – Introduction to Istio Security

This is an extended, bonus session provided after the conference. Istio Security means security by default. Security by default means securing your applications and microservices without modifying your code. Using peer authentication and authorization examples, you’ll learn about security by default, along with defense in depth, integrating with existing security systems to provide multiple layers of defense, and zero-trust networks, building security solutions on distrusted networks. Breaking down a monolithic application into atomic services offers various benefits, including better agility, better scalability and better ability to reuse services. However, microservices do have particular security needs, like defending against man-in-the-middle attacks and providing flexible service access control with mutual TLS and fine-grained access policies. Istio Security provides a comprehensive security solution to solve these issues, mitigating both insider and external threats against your data, endpoints, communication, and platform.