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Build and Deploy a Full Stack Cloud App in 25 Minutes

Have you been itching to build an app of your own, but seem to shy away from actually building it? ‘Full Stack Cloud App’ has a nice ring to it, but there’s the stigma that building one of your own takes too much time and isn’t as simple as throwing a few lines of code down. It’s true that apps can get very complex, but why don’t we start with the basic skeleton, deploy a simple prototype to the cloud and then work on refining it? Many full stack cloud apps involve developing a frontend and a backend, integrating a data store, connecting various APIs, and ultimately, deploying that app to the cloud.

Regardless of the services and frameworks you use, the skeleton of your project will be relatively similar to other cloud apps. By building a skeleton with the core components of a modern cloud app, you’ll be able to expand on it to reflect your own design and reuse the skeleton for various projects. What does that cloud app skeleton look like, and what’s the process of building it, connecting the different components and deploying your app for people to use?

These are the questions we’ll be answering during this session. We’ll be showing you the process of building a full stack cloud app in 25 minutes, to kickstart that app idea you’ve been putting on the back-burner.