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Code Engine – One platform to rule them all

Kubernetes has won the container orchestration war. But did the end-user win? For all of its features, Kubernetes is not the easiest platform to use; requiring people to become infrastructure experts. Weren’t we promised abstractions layers that hid the complexity for us so we could just focus on our code? With IBM Cloud Code Engine, your developers can get back to writing code, and stop spending hours trying to manage Kubernetes. With Code Engine you can deploy a wide variety of runtime artifacts: 12-factor and serverless apps, batch jobs and more. All within one easy to use environment, with the most popular runtime options you’d expect, such as self-managed networking with built-in security and auto-scaling, even down to zero. And, best of all, you only pay for what you use. No more buying an entire Kubernetes cluster that goes under-utilized. No more hours spent configuring and managing the environment. IBM’s managed hosted cloud does it all for you. In this session you’ll get a quick overview of the product and a demo showcasing just how easy managing your applications is supposed to be.