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Hands-on labs subtitle

Combine microservices, serverless, pipelines and other capabilities to produce a conceptual secure, cloud native credit card application with OpenShift.

Day 1: September 24, 2020

  • Speakers: Anthony AmanseAnton McConville

    Build Smart, Build Secure with this introduction to App ID as a foundation for creating secure applications in the cloud. We introduce a conceptual credit card application and look at aspects of security related to cloud native applications.

  • Speakers: Olaph Wagoner

    In this workshop we explore operators, how to use OperatorHub on OpenShift, and we'll use a PostgreSQL operator to create a database in our cluster.

  • Speakers: Anthony AmanseYan Koyfman

    In this workshop we dig into the architecture of a conceptual credit card app built on OpenShift 4. We’ll walk through the process of building containers for a set of Node.js and Java microservices and deploy them to an instance of OpenShift on IBM Cloud.

  • Speakers: Anthony Amanse

    In this session we add a rewards points feature to a conceptual credit card app, by creating an OpenShift serverless addition that reacts to new credit card transactions on the app.

  • Speakers: Yan Koyfman

    Continuing with our Build Smart, Build Secure theme, in this session we look at securing communication in a conceptual credit card app with OpenShift Service Mesh.

  • Speakers: Olaph Wagoner

    This session showcases OpenShift Pipelines, explaining what they are, showing how they build a conceptual credit card app, and even adds some code scanning into the system.

Meet the speakers

  • Anthony Amanse

    Software Developer

  • Anton McConville

    STSM, Engineering Manager

  • Olaph Wagoner

    Software Developer

  • Yan Koyfman

    Senior Software Engineer