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Hybrid Cloud 2021

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About the replays

Watch these replays to learn how open source technologies, frameworks, and platforms like Kubernetes and Red Hat® OpenShift® combine to support your application modernization or cloud migration skills, through sessions on application development, DevOps implementation, and observability across environments.

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Reasons to watch

Want to hear from the experts how hybrid cloud, open source, and enterprise capabilities can combine for smart and secure applications that allow freedom, flexibility, and portability? What about real world use cases and implementation stories from clients and partners so you can mirror their success in your business? Get insight into industry-defining hybrid cloud tools and technologies to make an impact in your company and - equally important — your career.

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Dedicated tracks

Application Development

Building cloud native or containerizing legacy/traditional applications? Get up-to-date on no/low code tooling options, hosted development environments, and application runtimes that can help make your next build a breakthrough.

DevOps Implementation

Figuring out a migration strategy? Whether lift-and-shift, refactoring, or something else you'll learn about multicloud and multicluster deployment options, deployment strategies across environments, and more for intelligent implementation execution.

Partner Ecosystem Corner

Industry-leading partners showcase and strategies, skills, and support for a successful hybrid cloud deployment using Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift—with a focus on security, observability across environments, and more.

Hands-On Labs

Build. Test. Deploy. Observe. Go from theory to applied theory and build an application using the knowledge gained throughout the conference and confirm your hybrid cloud skills. 

Make Your Solution into a Service on OpenShift

Going from a solution to a service is easier than you think. Get an introduction to Operators on Red Hat OpenShift—then build, enable, and deploy your application with security and self-management in mind.

About the conference

Build smart and secure on hybrid cloud—application development, DevOps implementation, and observability across environments, with hands-on labs and more.


Leaders share their thoughts on the state of hybrid cloud in 2021, including the evolution of serverless and advanced techniques using OpenShift and Kubernetes to solve complex problems.

Day 1: September 21, 2021

  • As the saying goes, "the only constant in life is change." So it comes as no surprise that developers are looking for new ways to work to maximize value to their organizations. With the evolution of hybrid cloud, serverless has come to the forefront as a way to achieve scalability, performance, and more. Join Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform to learn what this evolution means for you as a developer and how it frees you up to do what you do best--innovate.

    Jason McGee

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  • A digital agency brings AI to the data source to unlock persona insights. A hospital network communicates at the edge. Scaling and M&A in the financial industry. Join Briana Frank, Director of Product Management, IBM Cloud to hear real-world use cases about how IBM Cloud Satellite is helping enterprises overcome hybrid cloud challenges, freeing them from operational headache to focus on development and innovation.

    Briana Frank

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  • In this keynote session, Brad Topol, IBM's Distinguished Engineer of Open Technology and Developer Advocacy, discusses his new book, Hybrid Cloud Apps with OpenShift and Kubernetes. The book discusses how to successfully run Kubernetes and OpenShift in production. Key topics that Brad will cover in this keynote include the creation of hybrid cloud applications, continuous delivery, resource management, high availability, and running in multicluster environments.

    Brad Topol

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Meet the speakers

Experts and leaders in cloud, automation, and integration come together to share their expertise to elevate your skills.

  • Aaron Newcomb

    Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig

  • Amol Ashok Dhondse

    STSM, Chief Architect ISL

  • Amol Dhondse

    IBM STSM, Chief Architect for as part of Digital Technology Labs (ISL), and Certified Solution Architect

  • Andrea Frittoli

    Open Source Developer Advocate, Tekton Governance and Maintainer

  • Anthony Amanse

    Software Developer

  • Arthur Granado

    Software Engineer, Synk

  • Bobby Woolf

    Cloud Solution Architect - IBM

  • Brad Topol

    Distinguished Engineer, IBM

  • Briana Frank

    Director of Product Management Cloud

  • Dave Tropeano

    Program Director, IBM Cloud Satellite, IBM Cloud Functions

  • David Doughty

    Partner Solution Architect, Sonatype

  • David Fowler

    Software Developer, Cloudera

  • David Nugent

    Developer Advocate, IBM

  • Denis Wilson Sousa Rosa

    Developer Advocate, Couchbase

  • Dibbe Edwards

    Customer, Partner and Industry Developer Advocacy

  • Doug Davis

    STSM, Offering Manager Code Engine Cloud

  • Elliot Scribner

    Full-Stack Software Engineer, Couchbase

  • Eric Carter

    Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig

  • Girish Padmanabhan

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Harbinder Lally

    Head of Strategic Alliances, MATRIXX Software

  • Jaitirth Shirole

    Lead Architect - IBM API Hub

  • Jason McGee

    IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform IBM Cloud

  • John Walicki

    Lead IBM Developer Advocate

  • Kurt Dusek

    Solutions Architect, Gitlab

  • Liz Dettman

    Development Lead, FHIR Server, IBM

  • Manoj Jahgirdar

    IBM Software Developer (IBM Cloud, Data and AI, Mobile Development, Watson services, and Augmented Reality)

  • Marc Chisinevski

    Software Developer, Cloudera

  • Mark Stoodley

  • Mark Sturdevant

    Developer Advocate - IBM

  • Mary Grygleski

    Senior Developer Advocate, IBM

  • Max Shapiro

    IBM Software Engineer

  • Michael Maximilien

    Distinguished Engineer, IBM

  • Naveen Panwar

    Advisory Research Engineer

  • Niklas Heidloff

    Developer Advocate

  • Paul Bastide

    Senior Software Engineer, FHIR

  • Peter Klenk

    IBM Product Manager for DevOps Tools in IBM Cloud

  • Philippe Mulet

    IBM Distinguished Engineer

  • Pooja Mistry

    Developer Advocate

  • Rahul Reddy Ravipally

    Software Developer

  • Raj Narayanan

    Director of Solution Engineering,

  • Rich Hagarty

    Software Engineer - IBM

  • Sanjeev Ghimire

    Developer Advocate - IBM

  • Santhosh Ramanathan

    DevOps Product Manager, IBM Cloud

  • Steve Martinelli

    STSM and Engineering Manager, IBM

  • Steve Weaver

    Product Manager, IBM Cloud DevOps solutions

  • Ted Tanner Jr

    Global CTO, Chief Architect - Watson Health

  • Thomas Suedbroecker

    Developer Advocate

  • Vandana Verma Seghal

    Security Relations Leader, Snyk

  • Vanessa Wilburn

    Open Source Developer Advocate, Tekton Governance and Maintainer

  • Vijay Sundaresan

  • Yan Koyfman

    Cloud Infrastructure Pattern Development

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Partners from across IBM's developer ecosystem have collaborated to share their knowledge and success in the hybrid-cloud space.