Distributed Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud: What’s the Diff?

Every day and another kind of cloud seems to pop up. In this talk, you’ll hear about the emerging space of Distributed Cloud and how it is different from Hybrid Cloud, Multicloud, and even Public Cloud. Today, Developers are being tasked to deploy to many locations but with little help. And so, this talk will reveal the challenges when code may go anywhere. Attendees will come away with new app ideas, tool suggestions, and a readiness to embrace Distributed Cloud.

Six-year veteran in cloud computing, specifically containers, and Kubernetes. My goal is to make clients successful in their cloud experiences: onboarding, trial, ongoing engagement, and expansion. I’m obsessive about helping the right audience, guiding them to the right channels, communicating the value of the cloud, and making them into successful cloud users.

To that end, I guide product design and development to build cloud products that match user needs and help them evolve with the fast-paced open source communities. So you might find me teaching use cases, connecting developers to business leaders, or designing usability tests, personas, and prototypes. Moreover, I derive analytics and business insight for cloud usage across the portfolio. Key technologies include Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Containers, IAM, chatbots, and distributed cloud. Additionally, I’ve designed and taught multiple courses, for my employers and at conferences.