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The replays cover topics such as quantum safe cryptography and confidential computing, modernizing data and infrastructure security, shift left security in DevOps automation, threat detection and cloud native security, cloud security governance, risk, and compliance.

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Looking for last year's Cloud Native Security conference? Access on-demand replays for free, no registration required.

Conference topics + live watch party

Data Security

Go from physical and software defined storage to encryption, securing data at-rest, in motion and in use. Topics include Keep Your Own Key (KYOK) capabilities, quantum safe cryptography, confidential computing, fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), plus learn about developers as the new targets and a day in the life of the IBM X-Force.

Cloud Security

Understand governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) strategies for an integrated security solution in the cloud. Topics include zero trust, shift-left security, identity access, security information and event management (SIEM), extended detection and response (XDR), Kestrel, threat hunting, threat analytics, security modernization, application and infrastructure security, container lifecycle security and security automation.

Partner Spotlight: Cloud Security in Practice

Enjoy select partners showcasing industry-leading integrated cloud security in action, with a focus on how a hybrid build approach lends to breakthroughs in application development, DevOps implementation, and more.

Hands-On Labs

Get hands on with shift-left security of a Tekton pipeline including Static App Security Testing (SAST), Software Component Analysis (SCA) or license compliance with Snyk, and encrypting dynamic secrets to access secure Cloud Object Storage for OpenShift with Vault. Then, scan images for vulnerabilities and monitor your containers for threats, and more.

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About the conference

Build smart and secure cloud security skills—threat detection and cloud native security, quantum safe cryptography and confidential computing, and more.

Data Security

Protect your data and add highest level of encryption to data in-place and in-motion, comply to industry requirements, secure your AI and add hardware to data protection.

Day 1: December 7, 2021

  • Mary O'Brien is the General Manager of IBM Security, the largest enterprise security company in the world and she is a strategic partner to many CEOs, CISOs, and CIOs on cybersecurity.

    Mary O'Brien

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  • Dr. Sridhar Muppidi is an IBM Fellow and CTO in IBM Security Systems. He leads the technical strategy, architecture and research for IBM Security.

    Sridhar Muppidi

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  • Dr. Walid Rjaibi is a Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Data Security at IBM. Devan Shah is a Software Architect and Chief Engineer for IBM Security. They explore how to modernizie your data security using universal connectors to monitor activity audit log events from multiple sources.

    Devan ShahDr. Walid Rjaibi

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  • Tapas Sharma is a Technical Lead and Ryan Wallner is the head of Technical Marketing at Portworx, PureStorage. This session covers best practices for protecting stateful Kubernetes apps and how Portworx can integrates with OpenShift to deliver comprehensive security.

    Ryan WallnerTapas Sharma

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  • Stefan Liesche is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Research working on IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services. He speaks about best practices for confidential computing to protect data in use. Hyper Protect Cloud Services is the only industry solution built on FIPS 140-2 Level 4-certified hardware, the highest existing standard for hardware cryptography modules.

    Stefan Liesche

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  • Omri Soceanu is the head of AI Security at IBM Research Haifa and Ronen Levy is a Senior Manager for Cloud Security and Privacy Technologies at IBM Research Haifa. They speak about how data scientists can use Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to enable processing of encrypted data without decrypting the underlying information.

    Omri SoceanuRonen Levy

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  • Mala Anand is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) in IBM Public Cloud with a focus on Key Management Architecture. She explains how today's TLS encryption can be defeated by a powerful quantum computer and why it is critical to adopt Quantum Safe TLS algorithms now.

    Mala Anand

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  • Charles Henderson is a Global Managing Partner and the Head of IBM X-Force. He will talk what it is to be part of the IBM X-Force team and explains who they are and what they do to hunt for threats.

    Charles Henderson

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  • Daniel Crowley is Research Director at IBM X-Force Red. He explores common security mistakes made by the development community and how these vulnerabilities can be addressed.

    Daniel Crowley

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  • Shawn Wells is a former Senior Developer at the NSA, and the VP of Global Solution Architecture at CrowdStrike. Brett Shaw is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Crowd Strike. Through a live demo, they use CrowdStrike to step through threat and adversary hunting in Kubernetes to identify Indicators of Compromise and Indicators of Attack.

    Shawn Wells

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Meet the speakers

Experts and leaders in cloud, automation, and integration come together to share their expertise to elevate your skills.

  • Akira Onishi

    Manager, Customer Success, IBM Technology Sales, Japan

  • Andrea Frittoli

    Open Source Developer Advocate, IBM

  • Arvid van Essche

    Principal Architect - Cloud & IBM Inventor, IBM Security Services

  • Asna Javed

    Hybrid Cloud Build Team and Developer Advocacy Lead, PAK

  • Ben Peterson

    Senior Consultant, OpenShift and Middleware Practice

  • Bradston Henry

    Developer Advocate, Senior Mobile Application Developer

  • Charles Henderson

    Global Managing Partner, Head of X-Force, IBM

  • Daniel Crowley

    Research Baron, X-Force Red, IBM

  • David Andrzejewski

    Director, Engineering and Lead of ML team at Sumo Logic

  • Devan Shah

    Chief Engineer, Software Architect, IBM

  • Dr. Nataraj Nagaratnam

    IBM Fellow, CTO Cloud Security, IBM

  • Dr. Walid Rjaibi

    Distinguished Engineer, CTO, IBM

  • Gabriela Retamosa

    Developer Ecosystem - SSA

  • Girish Bhat

    Vice President Marketing at Sumo Logic

  • Gus Parvin

    Software Developer at Red Hat

  • Holly Wright

    Product Owner and Software Engineer

  • Jason Keirstead

    IBM Distinguished Engineer & CTO Threat Management, Co-Founder and Co-Chair Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA)

  • Jose Ortiz

    Distinguished Engineer - CTO Hybrid Cloud Security, IBM

  • Julian Stephen

    Research Staff Member, IBM Research

  • Mala Anand

    STSM, Master Inventor, IBM Cloud

  • Mary O'Brien

    General Manager IBM Security

  • Nick Shelly

    Business Development Global Solutions Architect, McAfee

  • Omri Soceanu

    AI Security Group Manager, IBM Research

  • Philippe Mulet

    Distinguished Engineer, IBM

  • Pooja Mistry

    Developer Advocate

  • Ramamurthy Vaidhyanathan

    CPO/CTO Compliance Technology, IBM Cloud

  • Robin Wyss

    Sales Engineer, Dynatrace

  • Ronen Levy

    Senior Manager, IBM Cloud Security and Private Technologies

  • Ryan Wallner

    Head of Technical Marketing, Portworx at PureStorage

  • Shawn Wells

    VP, Global Solution Architecture, Crowdstrike

  • Shivananda Shenoi

    Global Markets

  • Shripad Nadgowda

    STSM, Master Inventor, DevSecOps, IBM Research

  • Sridhar Muppidi

    IBM Fellow, VP & CTO IBM Security

  • Stefan Liesche

    Distinguished Engineer, IBM

  • Tapas Sharma

    Engineering Manager, Portworx by Pure storage

  • Tomás González

    Partner Architect at Snyk

  • Viktor Gamov

    Principal Developer Advocate, Kong Inc.

  • Xiaokui Shu

    Research Staff Member, IBM Research

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