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Digital Developer Conference

Fast Start

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Feb 21-23 (EMEA); Mar 9-11 (APAC)

About the conference

Welcome sellers, client reps, partners and other Fast Start participants!

Get immediate access and get ready to build smart strategies for your developer engagements. During the conference, you'll discover ways to enhance your existing activities, whether in-person or online, with the best practices cultivated by the IBM Developer Ecosystems Group over the past several years. Increase engagement, enhance brand sentiment, close and convert your sales.

Reasons to attend

Whether you're new to the developer audience, or an expert, the IBM Developer Ecosystems Group has something to help you redefine or refine the way you discuss IBM software and services wherever you engage them. Code, content, and community come together to form a "problems, not products" ethos to helping developers build smart and secure solutions on our platforms and with our services.

We've built this digital experience to maximize your time, with tech talks and client success stories, lessons learned, and lab experiences so you can get hands-on with the opportunities we provide to developers.

Catch up with the speakers and ask your questions during the event in slack: Fast Start Slack during the live support sessions from 12:30PM EDT to 2:30PM EDT Tuesday through Thursday (February 9-11).

Bringing Developer to your technical sales and account experiences

Industry-recognized developer engagement and advocacy skills—optimize your workshops, demos, and activities with a problem-first perspective.

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Automate by injecting application-specific operational knowledge across containerized applications, extend your Kubernetes clusters, and manage your services using the Operator Framework. Uses Operators on Red Hat OpenShift.

Day 1: February 9, 2021

  • Jonathan Collins will discuss the importance of Client Advocacy in a world full of automation

    Jonathan Collins

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  • Tim Robinson talks about why the Hybrid Cloud Build Team is something that should be on your radar, some things they've done for customers in the automation space, and how to engage with them

    Tim Robinson

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  • Tim Robinson discusses automation success patterns in the enterprise and introduces an interview with the CEO of Liferay

    Tim Robinson

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  • An introduction to the Kubernetes Operator and why it's important

    John Zaccone

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  • How the Red Hat Marketplace is crucial to Operators, Kubernetes, and your business

    Rojan Jose

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  • Kubernetes is a powerful and inherently extensible platform utilizing several extension patterns. One such pattern, the Operator, was introduced in 2016 as a way to implement and inject an application specific operational knowledge into the running of containerized applications using a standard programmable framework

    David CarewJohn ZacconeRojan Jose

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Meet the speakers

Developer experts and leaders in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science have come together to share their expertise to elevate your skills.

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