Keynote 1 – Scaling enterprise AI: An IBM Research perspective – IBM Developer

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Keynote 1 – Scaling enterprise AI: An IBM Research perspective

At IBM Research, our innovation agenda in AI is focused on advancing the scientific and technical foundations of the field while also enabling enterprises to operationalize and deploy AI at scale. In this talk, we will provide a window into our work with examples of exciting projects and innovations from three areas, First, we will describe our work in scaling AI by driving automation into the entire lifecycle of building deploying and managing AI modes, all while addressing enterprise needs for security scale and compliance. Second, we will talk about our innovations in trustworthy AI and our open toolkits that address the key elements of fairness, robustness, explainability and transparency of AI models. Finally, we will talk about our leading edge innovations in natural language processing (NLP) and how we are bringing in advances from exciting grand challenges such as Project Debater to meet the requirements and needs of enterprise NLP.