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Enable Support for Cerberus Tool on Power for Monitoring Kubernetes/OpenShift Clusters

Cerberus is an open source tool that can be leveraged for monitoring Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters. It serves as a guardian of the cluster by watching for system failures while monitoring the components like nodes, namespaces, cluster operators, pods, routes, CSRs and critical alerts.

In addition, the tool supports user-defined custom checks too. Custom checks can be added to monitor components that are not part of the default configuration. The tool exposes a ‘go’ / ‘no-go’ signal which can be consumed by other applications and act accordingly. Integration with slack is supported. If the cluster becomes unhealthy, the tool generates a ‘no-go’ signal and reports it in the slack channel so that concerned team/person can take action to rectify the cluster issues.

This session explains the importance of the Cerberus tool, its functionality and the contribution made to the open source project for enabling support for configuring and running the tool on Power platform (ppc64le arch).