Continuous Build and Deployment of Microservices into Kubernetes Clusters using Razee Toolchain

It’s every cloud aspirants wish to have a hassle free mass migration to containerize and orchestrate applications in hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments. IBM now has open sourced Razee, a continuous delivery tool for managing applications in Kubernetes-based cluster deployments and offerings.

Session will carry insights about Razee, which extends its breathe as an open source, multi-cluster continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes that developers use to automate the rollout process of Kubernetes resources across clusters, environments, and cloud providers.

Session further deep dives on how Razee would help developers manage the application life cycle from build to test to deployment, facilitating deployments to clusters in a flexible way. The tool chain would include the Vulnerability Advisor to provide a secure container. In addition to scanning for security issues, the developers follow other DevOps practices, including the use of a Git repository and continuous build. With this, new code is pushed to every single cluster within seconds because each Cluster updaters run independently.