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Extend kubetest2 for Your Own Cloud

kubetest is a go program used to organize provisioning clusters, end to end testing, tearing down clusters, building, uploading, and downloading Kubernetes. This tool is used heavily to run various Kubernetes configurations, test suites throughout the project’s CI, and by developers to test Kubernetes locally. The inner mechanisms of kubetest have toughened to follow and difficult to change. Because so many test suites / jobs run this tool, making any change is tricky.

Kubetest2 is intended to be the next significant iteration of kubetest. The existing kubetest2 framework available in the upstream has the deployer options as GCE, GKE and Kind.

This session is explains how to extend the existing kubetest2 framework for your own deployer. The session uses Terraform, an open-source infrastructure as code software tool created by HashiCorp as an example to demonstrate the method of extending kubetest2 for a deployer.