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Accelerate Your Journey to Kubernetes Using Konveyor and Move2Kube

There are a plethora of platforms like Docker Swarm, Cloud Foundry, Web servers, and many language platforms like Spring Boot. We all realize the benefits of building applications on Kubernetes, but in reality most core business applications are running on other platforms.

Migrating such applications from each of these platforms have their unique challenges, some involving containerization and others involving complex mapping to target artifacts. There are tools which help in translating point artifacts, but the real challenge is to create the full deployment design and artifacts that are tailor-made for the target platform.

In this talk, Ashok and Amith will take the audience through a guided process of migrating the workloads that are currently hosted in non-Kubernetes platforms using Konveyor Move2Kube to run natively in Kubernetes. We will also look at a case study and Day 2 optimizations that this process results in. Additionally we will cover a brief overview of the Konveyor open source community and tools therein – tools that enable engineering teams to adopt Kubernetes at scale.