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Enable Support on Multiple Architectures for Openstack Cloud Provider for Chaos Tests on Openshift and Kubernetes Clusters

Kraken is an open-source tool that can be leveraged to run chaos tests on an Openshift or Kubernetes cluster by injecting failures at the pod or node level. When the Kraken tool exploratory efforts began to enable chaos tests on Openshift clusters deployed on the POWER platform, the node level chaos tests could not be executed because the Kraken project supported these tests only for the clusters built on AWS but the Openshift clusters on POWER were built on the Openstack based cloud provider PowerVC.

This session will explain the importance of incorporating chaos tests, the limitations of the existing chaos testing tool Kraken with respect to the cloud provider support, architecture/platform support and the community contributions from the POWER team to enable support for the Openstack cloud provider across multiple architectures along with additional new features that were introduced to improve the overall chaos test coverage for Openshift.